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D-eigenvalues of diffusion kurtosis tensorsQi, L; Wang, Y; Wu, EX2008155
D-LQF: An efficient distributed scheduling algorithm for input-queued switchesHe, C; Yeung, KL2011142
D-optimal axial design for an additive cubic mixture modelMeng, JH; Ng, KW; Chan, PLY1995131
D-optimal axial designs augmented for an additive mixture modelJiang, YC; Chan, PLY1995132
D-optimal axial designs for an additive quadratic mixture modelJiang, YC; Guan, YN; Chan, PLY1995161
D-optimal axial designs for quadratic and cubic additive mixture modelsChan, LY; Meng, JH; Jiang, YC; Guan, YN1998156
D-optimal orthogonal block designs of the parameter estimate for the linear-inverse mixture model with process variables.Guan, Y; Shu, X; Chan, PLY1994125
D-type learning control for nonlinear time-varying systems with unknown initial states and inputsYan, XG; Chen, IM; Lam, J2001102
D: a distributed object oriented programming languageLee, Wing-hong.; 李詠康1994354
Daily forecasting of coastal beach water qualityThoe, W; Wong, HC; Choi, KW; Lee, JHW2010550
Damage characterization of multi-directional laminates with matrix cracks and delaminationLiu, Yingjie.; 劉英傑1996496
Damage detection of a bridge from response of a moving vehicle (Paper 100)LI, Z; Au, FTK201359
Damage detection of girder bridges from dynamic response of a moving vehicleLi, Z; Au, FTK2011169
Damage evolution of uniaxially compressed Hong Kong graniteYu, F; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK2003106
Damage localization of frame structures using seismic acceleration response dataWang, YP; Lee, CL; Chen, YH; Su, KL2010211
Damage localization of frame structures using seismic acceleration response dataHuang, MC; Wang, YP; Lee, CL2012134
Damage Mechanics Analysis for Brittle Rock and Rockburst Energy IndexLiu, XM; Lee, CF1997139
Damping-ratio measurements by the spectral-ratio methodWang, YH; Yan, WM; Lo, KF2006115
DAQL-Enabled Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Dynamically Changing EnvironmentNgai, CK; Yung, NHC201165
Darboux covariant Lax pairs and infinite conservation laws of the (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equationFan, E; Chow, KW201187
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