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A bio-feedback rehabilitation system for neuromuscular recovery on elbow joint movementZheng, Tao; 郑涛2011498
A bio-inspired object tracking algorithm for minimising power consumptionLai, Wai-chung.; 賴偉聰.2009651
A CAD/CAM system for sheet metal blanking diesWong, Kai-wing.; 黃啓榮1991583
A collagen microencapsulation : assisted stem cell-based approach for treating degenerative disc diseaseYuan, Minting; 袁敏婷201256
A comparative study of assembly job shop scheduling using simulation, heuristics and meta-heuristicsLü, Haili.; 吕海利.2011395
A comparative study of Galerkin mesh-free and finite element methodsLiang, Xiaodong.; 梁?東.2004709
A component-based software system with functionality adaptation for mobile computingBelaramani, Nalini Moti.2002469
A comprehensive analysis of terrestrial hydrological processes over the Pearl River basin in South ChinaNiu, Jun; 牛俊2010393
A comprehensive approach to high efficiency light emittersFu, Wai-yuen.; 傅惠源.2009283
A comprehensive approach to transmission pricing and its applicationsWei, Ping; 魏萍2002230
A computer aided design approach for evaluation of consolidation with vertical drains in soft claysCheng, Fung-kiu, Patty.; 鄭鳳嬌1995224
A computer aided experimental system for milling force modellingCheung, Chi-ming, Reuben.; 張志明1995344
A computer visualization system for multiple submerged buoyant jets from ocean outfallsCheung, King-bong, Sebastian.; 張敬邦.2000250
A computer-aided measurement system for monopolar high-voltage direct-current coronating linesTong, Sai-kit.; 湯世傑1986265
A computerized thermal imaging system for studying thyroid and cerebral cortexSo, Ting-pat, Albert.; 蘇廷弼1994266
A concise framework of natural language processingCheung, Siu-nang, Bruce.; 張少能1989241
A conic-section simulation analysis of two-dimensional fracture problems using finite element methodLau, Kwok-jing.; 劉國楨1975244
A continuum modeling approach to traffic equilibrium problemsHo, Hung-wai.; 何鴻威.2005249
A continuum modeling approach to transport emission problemsYin, Jun; 尹俊2011231
A cost-based model for optimising the construction logisticsschedulesFang, Yuan; 方媛2011187
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