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A comparative study of Wei Yuan's Haiguo Tuzhi and Xu Jiyu's Yinghuan ZhilueYung, Kong-sing.; 翁港成.2001520
A comprehensive study on the special symbols in the version of Zhouyi as inscribed on the bamboo slips held at theShanghai museumPoon, Ngar-see.; 潘雅詩.2009417
A critical study of Chang Tai and his historicalwritingsChan, Kwok-ping; 陳國平1976212
A critical study of Ray Huang's ChinaChan, Chung-kai.; 陳仲佳.2007533
A history of the Wing Lung Bank Co. Ltd.Wong, Ho-sze, Cecilia.; 黃浩思.2001222
A model of modern Chinese native enterpriseLo, Kwing-hang.; 盧烱鏗.1985227
A preliminary study of Zhou Zuoren's (1885-1968) thoughtLam, Chi-ming, William.; 林志明.1993264
A re-evaluation of the accomplishments of Emperor Gaozu (566-635) of the Tang Dynasty =Tsui, Man-ling.; 徐敏玲2001176
A social study of the international settlement and the French concession in Shanghai in the late Qing period (1843-1912)Wong, Yung-lung, Churchill.; 王容龍.2003695
A study of army rebellions in the Chia-ching period of the Ming dynastyFok, Tat-man.; 霍達文.1983181
A study of bishop R.O. Hall's contribution (1895-1975) toHong Kong education and social welfareTsang, Kwok-wah.; 曾國華.1993237
A study of Chang Chih-tungKiu, Hau-chung, Max.; 喬孝忠.1988315
A study of Chang Hsueh-ch'eng, 1738-1801Lau, On-lap.; 劉安立.1983214
A study of Chang Yin-huanYong, Yiu-tung.; 翁耀東.1983259
A study of Chen Jitang's (1890-1954) fiscal reformKwok, Hung-wai.; 郭洪衛1989293
A study of Chen Li and the Yangzhou School =Wong, Hoi-kit.; 王海傑2005422
A study of Chen Yuan's (1880-1971) historical method and teachingDun, Yiu-kwong.; 鄧耀光.1991236
A study of Chi Cheng-han and his bibliographicalresearchHo, Ying-kuen.; 何應權.1981219
A study of China's participation in the First World War, 1914-1917 = Beijing zheng fu can jia Ou zhan wen ti zhi tan tao (1914-1917)Chow, Kin-moh; 周建武201334
A study of DorgonChung, Mei-yee; 鍾美儀1985160
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