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Vagina Never Has Monologues: Young Women in Hong Kong Talk About Their Little SistersHo, PSY2003120
Validation and findings of the Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire (JVQ) from the China national survey 2010 on child physical and sexual abuseChan, EKL201099
Validation of a violence screening tool as common language for health and social work professionalsTiwari, AFY; Chan, EKL; Fong, DYT; Leung, WC; Ho, PC200679
Validation of Family, School, and Peer Influence on Volunteerism Scale Among AdolescentsLaw, MF; Shek, DTL; Ma, CMS201328
Validation of Minimum Data Set for Home Care assessment instrument (MDS-HC) for Hong Kong Chinese eldersKwan, CW; Chi, I; Lam, TP; Lam, KF; Chou, KL2000482
Validation of minimum data set for nursing home for Hong Kong Chinese eldersChou, KL; Chi, I2001124
Validation of Minimum Data Set for nursing home in Hong Kong Chinese eldersChou, KL; Chi, I; Leung, ACT; Wu, YM; Liu, CP2001112
Validation of self-image of aging scale for chinese eldersBai, X; Chan, K; Chow, N2012113
Validation of the 10-item Chinese perceived stress scale in elderly service workers: one-factor versus two-factor structureNg, SM201340
Validation of the Beliefs Against Volunteering Scale among Chinese Adolescents in Hong KongLaw, BMF; Shek, DTL2011182
Validation of the chinese juvenile victimisation questionnaireChan, KL; Fong, DYT; Yan, E; Chow, CB; Ip, P2011237
Validation of the Chinese version of the Gamblers' Belief Questionnaire (GBQ-C)Wong, SSK; Tsang, SKM2012118
Validation of the Chinese version of underwood's daily spiritual experience scale-transcending cultural boundaries?Ng, SM; Fong, TCT; Tsui, EYL; Au-Yeung, FSW; Law, SKW200984
Validation of the concise Chinese level of expressed emotion scaleNg, SM; Sun, YS2011262
Validation of the cultural influence on helping scale among Chinese adolescentsLaw, BMF; Shek, DTL2011104
Validation of the Perinatal Grief Scale for use in Chinese women who have experienced recent reproductive lossYan, E; Catherine, SKT; Chung, T201074
The validation of the psychological maltreatment of women inventory for Chinese womenCheung, ST; Tiwari, AFY; Fong, DYT; Yuen, FKH; Chan, EKL; Tolman, R201262
Validation of violence screening tool and risk assessment tool, as common language for health and social work professionals.Chan, EKL200676
A Validation Study of the Chinese Brief Fatigue Inventory in Breast Cancer PatientsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201321
Veiled entrapment: A study of social isolation of older Chinese migrants in Brisbane, QueenslandIp, D; Lui, CW; Chui, WH200798
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