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Ultra-low low fertility in Hong Kong: a review of related demographic transitions, social issues and policies practices to encourage childbirthsYip, PSF; Law, CK; Cheung, KSL2008162
Unbalanced Development: The Plight of the Elderly in a Chinese City – Hong Kong: a case to answer (with Ko, L.).Chui, EWT; Ko, LSF200795
Uncle Long Legs' Letter Box; a letter counseling service for children in Hong KongYeung, FKC; Cheng, SF; Chau, GYY2003187
Uncover, recover and discover: A model for inspiring hope and transformation: Helping bereaved mothers following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in ChinaChan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Sha, W; Wang, C2011224
Uncovering sociocultural factors influencing the pathway to care of Chinese caregivers with relatives suffering from early psychosis in Hong KongWong, DFK200773
The undergraduate students' knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease (AD): a cross-sectional studyLeung, AYM; Xia, N; Wong, ICK; Chen, JY; Lou, VWQ; Chan, KMK201232
Understanding ambivalence of settlement: a qualitative study on time arrangement, gender relationship andidentity of rural-urban migrant families in NanjingHu, Yiqian.; 胡一倩.2011273
Understanding and Working with the Young Generation in Hong KongLee, FWL200993
Understanding and Working with Young People.Lee, FWL200585
Understanding breast cancer patients: a 3-year follow-up study on psychosocial support groupsLo, Hau-yan, Phyllis.; 羅考恩.2009305
Understanding Criminal Justice In Hong KongChui, WH; Lo, TW2008170
Understanding non-lethal post-separation violenceBrownridge, DA; Chan, EKL; Hiebert-Murphy, D; Ristock, J; Tiwari, AFY; Leung, WC; Santos, SC200789
Understanding of family violence through the Chinese concepts of face and yi陳高凌2001192
Understanding of motivation to foster in Hong Kong: predictors of foster parenthood satisfaction and foster parent retentionChow, Chui-kam, Jean.; 周翠琴.2013113
Understanding problem gambling in two ethnic communities in Brisbane, Queensland A pilot studyChui, WH; O'connor, I200657
Understanding recovery: client's experiences in religious drug rehabilitation programsVungkhanching, Martha.2000304
Understanding risky sexual behavior of female youth-at-risk in Hong KongFrancis WingLin, L; Irene WaiKwan, C2009189
Understanding the experiences of families living with survivors of liver cancerPon, KL; Chan, CLW; Fan, ST200662
Understanding the Experiences of Families Living with Survivors of Liver Cancer' (P0984)Pon, A; Chan, CLW200674
Understanding the female drug addicts on probationNg, Yuen-man, Josephine.; 伍婉雯.1987206
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