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Results 1955 to 1974 of 3328
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Obligation of filial piety, adult child caregiver burden, received social support, and psychological wellbeing of adult child caregiversfor frail elderly people in Guangzhou, ChinaTang, Yong; 唐咏2006463
Occupational stress, coping pattern and job satisfaction: a study on the residential social workers in Hong KongLo, Wai-ching, Fanny.; 盧慧貞.1992492
Of field education in Australia and Hong Kong: A social work educator’s personal reflectionChui, WH2008106
Offering integrative health/mental health practices in the classroom: increasing access and practiceTebb, SC; Lee, MY; Leung, PPY; Napoli, M201151
Older Chinese men and women's experiences and understanding of sexualityYan, E; Wu, AMS; Ho, P; Pearson, V201185
On the local polynomial estimators of the counting process intensity function and its derivativesChen, F; Yip, PSF; Lam, KF201174
On the Necessity of Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in Hong KongChui, WH; Fu, X2008205
On the Seam: Fiction as truth- what can art do?Kalmanowitz, DL201326
On the Seam: Fiction as truth- what can art do?Kalmanowitz, DL201319
On the theoretical basis of family therapyHu, C; Lee, WY; Wong, OL2005129
On the working concepts for family therapy (1)Hu, C; Lee, WY; Wong, OL2005171
One therapist, four cultures: Working with families in Greater ChinaLee, WY2002102
Online suicide-related information in Hong Kong: perspectives from youth suicide preventionCheng, Q2011155
The Open Access Advantage RevisitedBacon-Shone, J; Cheng, E; Ferguson, A; McNaught, C; Palmer, D; Tsoi, AC20091,215
Open-mindedness and its association with Attitudes and Knowledge towards Elder SexualityYan, ECW201250
Operationalising Chinese medicine 'stagnation' concept as a psychological constructNg, SM2008175
Operationalising Chinese medicine 'stagnation' concept as a psychological constructNg, SM200894
Operationalizing Chinese medicine concept 'stagnation' as a mental health constructNg, SM200879
Opportunities & obstacles: employment for people with disabilityHui, HSK1994208
Opportunities and challenges of online data collection for suicide preventionCheng, Q; Chang, SS; Yip, PSF2012126
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