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Results 1906 to 1925 of 3328
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Narcotic dependence and its treatment: towards a social phenomeno-logical model.Cheang, Ming-dak, Joseph; 張明德1978388
Narrative account and process of change in Chinese male batterersChan, EKL200184
Narrative accounts of Chinese male batterers & implications to treatmentChan, EKL2002125
Narrative accounts of Chinese male batterers & Implications to treatmentChan, EKL200970
Narrative Therapy.Yeung, KC2000399
Natural course of schizophrenia: 2-Year follow-up study in a rural Chinese communityRan, M; Xiang, M; Huang, M; Shan, Y200119
Need Satisfaction Mechanism Linking Volunteer Motivation and Life Satisfaction: A Mediation Study of Volunteers Subjective Well-BeingKwok, YY; Chui, WH; Wong, LP201341
Needs and gaps analysis: Problem gambling interventions among New Zealand Asian peoplesTse, S; Wong, J; Chan, P200753
Needs around Life and Death of People with Intellectual DisabilitiesChow, AYM; Chan, KN201319
Needs of Chronic Patients and How Mutual Help Groups can HelpChan, CLW199766
Needs of chronic patients and how mututal help group can helpChan, CLW199676
Needs of persons bereaved by suicideChow, AYM201082
Needs unsatisfied or abuse: a study on the factors sustaining the repeated calls to a youth hotline counselingserviceTong, Wai-mei.; 唐惠美.2002239
Negotiating Anal Intercourse in Inter-racial Gay Relationships in Hong KongHo, PSY; Tsang, AKT2000126
Negotiating exclusion: an ethnographic study of the street children in Shanghai, ChinaCheng, Fucai.; 程福財2008330
Net worth at retirement and 10 years laterOzawa, MN; Lum, TYS; Tseng, HY199945
Neural activities for negative priming with affective stimuli: An fMRI studyLeung, KK; Lee, TMC; Xiao, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, JXX; Yip, PSF; Li, LSW200898
New anti-smoking legislation on youth smoking and quitting behaviours via a smoking cessation hotlineChan, SSC; Leung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Lam, DOB; Fong, DYT; Lam, TH2011392
The New Economic Situation and its Impact on Social Policy in Hong KongChow, NWS200271
New economy and new social policy in East and Southeast Asian compact, mature economies: The case of Hong KongChow, NWS2003105
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