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Habilitation of the mentally retarded young persons in a sheltered workshopYeung, Oi-wah, Mary; 楊藹華1978351
Handbook of Bereavement Research and Practice: Advances in Theory and Intervention (Book Review)Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY2009173
Hands on Parent Education (HOPE 30) ManualLeung, C; Tsang, SKM201168
Hands-On Healing: Energy Enhancement Exercises (3E)Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY; Chow, AYM201329
Hands-on parent empowerment (HOPE) project: comparing implementation in social service centres and preschoolsLeung, C; Tsang, SKM; Dean, S2012129
Happy Swinging: Life Choices Of Chinese Men And Women In Hong KongHo, PSY2007121
Healing the mind through the body - Dance Movement Therapy for traumaHo, TH201172
Health and welfare services for the elderly: continuity of careChan, CLW199673
Health Care Services in Rural China: does more coverage mean more equitable?Zhao, N; Wong, YC; Yin, J201226
Health disparities among immigrant and non-immigrant elders: The association of acculturation and educationLum, TY; Vanderaa, JP2010123
Health Experience of Chinese People in the UKChau, RCM200876
Health policy reform in China: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M; Wu, X2009132
Health Quality of Life of the Elderly in Hong Kong: Impact of Social SupportLou, W; Chi, I200076
Health status of community long-term care service users in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Kwan, CW201222
Health-related learning among soon-to-be-aged adults in Hong Kong.Leung, AYM; Chi, I; Chow, NWS200772
Health-related learning in later life: affecting Hong Kong Chinese soon-to-be-aged adult's engagementLeung, Yee-man, Angela.; 梁綺雯.2006239
Health-related Quality of Life of the Elderly in Hong Kong: Impact of Social SupportLou, W; Chi, I2001194
Health-wealth association among older Americans: Racial and ethnic differencesLum, T200472
Healthcare Reforms in Thailand: Rethinking Conventional WisdomRamesh, M2008122
Healthy life expectancy in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaLaw, CK; Yip, PSF200382
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