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Face orientation and self-disclosure of ability and morality: does gender make a difference?Chui Li, Lai-shun, Dorothea.; 徐李麗錞.1999986
‘Face Teen’, many faces of teenagersTse, SSK201278
Face-to-Face and Telephone Counseling for Problem Gambling: A Pragmatic Multisite Randomized StudyTse, SSK; Campbell, L; Rossen, F; Wang, C; Jull, A; Yan, ECW; Jackson, A201378
FaceTeen: many faces of teenagersTse, SSK201259
Facilitating change in Chinese family systems: an application of structural family therapy in thetreatment of five Chinese family systems in Hong Kong with childrenwith conduct disordersMan Lo, Lai-ping, Laurene.; 文盧麗萍.1988644
Facilitating children's adjustment to S1 studies: What parents can do (in Chinese)Tsang, SKM200176
Facilitating children's cognitive capacities: an integrative approach in working with children of divorcedfamiliesWan, Choi-man, Esther.; 溫采雯.1990252
Facing Life and Death in Acute Care SettingsChan, CLW; Ho, AHY201377
The FACT-G (Chinese): a validated measure of quality of life during cancer treatmentFielding, R; Yu, CLM; Chan, CLW; Sham, JST200089
Factor analyses of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: a Bayesian structural equation modeling approachFong, TCT; Ho, RTH201325
Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Work-Family Balance Scale in an Urban Chinese SampleZhang, H; Yip, PSF; Chi, P; Chan, K; Cheung, YT; Zhang, X2012353
Factors affecting adherence to new specialist outpatient appointments among elderly patientsYi, Yuxiang.; 易宇翔.2003563
Factors affecting caregivers in caring for adults with mental handicapliving in hostelsYip, Chi-wing, Frederick.; 葉志榮.1994248
Factors affecting Chinese Older Adults’ Engagement in LearningLeung, AYM; Chi, I; Chow, NWS200779
Factors affecting long-term care use in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS; Kwan, CW2011254
Factors affecting older parents in making long-term plans for their adult mentally handicapped children still living at homeChong, Ngar-yin.; 莊雅妍.1998205
Factors affecting Shanghai family caregivers' depressive symtpomsLou, VW; Kwan, CW201224
Factors affecting the continuation of elderly people in a volunteeringserviceLi, Yuen-wah, Cecilla.; 李婉華.1997237
Factors affecting the utilization of a school based youth center: a comparative study of members and non-membersLek, Soon-hiang, Anthony.; 陸順賢1993188
Factors Associated with Healthy Longevity: A Report from the Study of Oldest-Old and Centenarians in Hong KongCheung, KSL; Yip, PSF; Chi, I; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Chan, FHW2010139
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