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An East Asia Model of Housing for Elderly People.Chui, EWT200472
An East-West approach to mind-body health of Chinese elderlyHo, TH; Lo, HYP; Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY2012102
An Eastern Body-Mind-Spirit Approach -- A Training Manual with One-Second TechniqueChan, CLW2003410
An Eastern Empowerment Approach to Death, End-of-life and Bereavement.Chan, CLW; Tin, A.F; Chan, C.H.Y; Chow, AYM; Chan, T.W.F; Ng, SM; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Ho, AHY2008164
Eastern Roots of Psychology and Counseling (Editorial)Chan, CLW2009108
Eat, Taste, Love: meaning construction of patients at their end-of-lifeTam, MYJ; Ng, POK; Leung, PPY; Lo, RSK; Chan, CLW201165
Economic Crisis and Its Social Impact: Lessons from the 1997 Economic CrisisRamesh, M200994
An economic evaluation of setting up physical barriers in railway stations for preventing railway injury: Evidence from Hong KongLaw, CK; Yip, PSF201195
Economic fluctuations and suicide: A comparison of Taiwan and Hong KongChen, YY; Yip, PSF; Lee, C; Fan, HF; Fu, KW2010498
Economic impact of elderly amenity mobility in southern ChinaMa, A; Chow, NWS2006147
Economic satisfaction among American retireesOzawa, MN; Lum, TYS199739
Economic status and life satisfaction of the elderlyAu, Kwok-chung.; 歐國忠.1997276
Economic status of the elderly in Hong Kong: homogeneous or heterogeneous?Chou, KL2006268
Economic status of the elderly in Hong Kong: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?Chou, KL; Chow, NWS; Chi, I2006134
EditorRamesh, M; Fritzen, S200875
EditorRamesh, M200884
Editorial: Facilitating chinese people to reconstruct and transform in face of lossesNg, SM; Chan, C2010170
Education services (In Chinese)Chui, EWT200375
An educational journey towards recovery for individuals with persistent mental illnesses: A New Zealand perspectiveClayton, J; Tse, S200358
The effect from self-esteem and perceived controllability on the intensity of grief reaction by relationship and non relationship-related lossChan, RWM; Chan, CLW200667
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