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Can consumer-led mental health services be equally effective? An integrative review of CLMH services in high-income countriesDoughty, C; Tse, S2011193
Can Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services be Created in Hong Kong? Struggles and StrategiesTse, S; Siu, BWM; Kan, A2013203
Can time heal? The grief trajectory of bereaved victims of the 2008 earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaChan, CLW; Sha, W; Wang, C; Li, J; Leung, PPY; Wang, X; Ho, AHY; Shi, Z; Lau, FPY; Ho, TH2011121
The cancer survivors movements in Hong Kong and ChinaChan, CLW199674
Capture-recapture and multiple-record systems estimation II: Applications in human diseasesYip, PSF; Bruno, G; Tajima, N; Seber, GAF; Buckland, ST; Cormack, RM; Unwin, N; YueFang Chang; Fienberg, SE; Junker, BW; Laporte, RE; Libman, IM; Mccarty, DJ1995104
Capture-recapture estimation using finite mixtures of arbitrary dimensionArnold, R; Hayakawa, Y; Yip, P201069
Capturing children's response to parental conflict and making use of itLee, WY; Ng, ML; Cheung, BKL; Yung, JW2010202
Care for Chinese Families with Patients facing Impending Death: Nurses' PerspectiveChow, AYM; Lo, JSF; Li, WWY; Lai, CYY200585
Care management service and falls prevention: a case-control study in a Chinese population.Leung, AY; Lou, VW; Chan, KS; Yung, A; Chi, I2010215
Career barriers of newly arrived women in Hong KongChik, Tsan-ming.; 植燦明.2001278
Career Preferences of Social Work Students in Beijing and ShanghaiSha, W; Wong, YC; Lou, VWQ; Pearson, V; Gu, DH2012240
Caregiver's needs and psychological well-being in Shanghai, ChinaLou, V; Gui, SX; Kwan, CW; Ting, KF201175
Caregivers' perception of the effect of home help service on family with an infirm elderly: an exploratorystudyWong, Man-fong, Mariana.; 黃孟芳.1986226
Caregiving burden: congruence of health assessment between caregivers and care receiversLou, VW2010133
Caregiving for people with schizophrenia in Guangzhou: coping, adaptation and quality of lifeChan, Wing-leung.; 陳榮亮2001386
Caring for Carers: Spiritual Transformation from Grief to Celebration of Life.Chan, CLW; Chan, T.Y.F; Tin, AF; Pon, KL; Leung, PPY; Chan, W.K.H; Chan, F; Chow, AYM200696
Caring for our seniors: private issue or public? The Asian sceneChui, EWT2012102
Caring for terminal patients in a cancer hospital: the role of a social workerHo, Pok-kin, Aloysius.; 何樸健1984164
Caring for the demented older adult: a case applying systemic family perspective and skillsWong, Chui-yan, Esther.; 黃翠恩.2003223
Caring for those who are yet to transformChow, AYM201217
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