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A consumer study of the impact of the criminal justice system on the young offenders' criminal careerYau, Shu-fung, Dave.; 游樹峰.1994216
A cultural experience of five therapeutic communities in Britain and Hong Kong: an exploratory study ofimplementational issues in half-way houses for ex-mental patientsChan, Kam-hon.; 陳錦漢.1992192
A death in the family: family readjustment atthe death of a parent.Chu, Dan-nor, Dana; 朱丹娜1975284
A descriptive study of the handling of situations of aggression by outreaching social workers in Hong KongChun, Ping-kit, Roxco.; 秦炳傑.1988208
A descriptive study of the perceived treatment and post-treatment environment for female ex-drug abusers in S.A.R.D.A.Soo, Kam-hing, Rosanna.; 蘇錦馨.1988157
A descriptive study of the supervision in outreaching social work of Hong KongYuen, Wai-sum.; 袁慰深.1989216
A development perspective in working with adolescentsLoo Cheng, Shui-mui, Margaret.; 盧鄭瑞莓.1981171
A discourse analysis of the welfare ideology in Hong Kong: a case study of the legislative councillors'argumentation upon the administration's proposal of setting up aretirement protection systemYan, Lap-tak.; 甄立德.1994244
A job working in secondary setting: a study of the job stress and coping strategies of school social workersChing, Siu-ling.; 程小玲.1998299
A multiple case study of suicidal behavior of children in Hong KongCheng, Cho-hong.; 鄭祖康.1992259
A newcomers group for young offenders in a probation hostel: the process of its introduction and itsimplication for managementHui, Fu-kee.; 許富基1981180
A practice model of using literature as a healing mode for helping cancer patients to attain rehabilitationChung, Mo-lan, Maureen.; 鍾慕蘭.2000203
A proposal for the establishment of the family law court in Hong Kong and the possible contribution of the social work professionCheng, Ka-po, Maria.; 鄭家寶.1985162
A proposal of a framework for the formulation of youth policy in Hong KongLaw, Suk-kwan, Lilian.; 羅淑君.1985194
A psycho-social study on the Vietnamese adolescent refugees in Hong KongNg, Mei-fong.; 伍美芳.1991211
A qualitative analysis of Chinese female offenders' adjustment to prison lifeLiu, Liu; 刘柳2011157
A qualitative study on a supportive group for post-secondary students with and without disabilitiesWu, Chui-ying, Joyce; 胡翠瑩.2006230
A qualitative study on the inner world of children in facingadversityCheung, Sim-kuen.; 張嬋娟2002403
A quality study on the association between self-esteem and risky sexual behaviors of at risk youth in Hong KongChung, Wai-kwan, Irene.; 鍾偉群.2006289
A quantitative descriptive study of casework supervision in voluntary family service agencies in Hong KongLau, Po-chee, Grace.; 劉寶慈.1982297
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