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10 years of the basic law: the rise, retreat and resurgence of judicial power in Hong KongYap, PJ2007830
A frolic in the law of tort: expanding the scope of employers' vicarious liabilityGlofcheski, R2004513
A Hong Kong perspective and book review of Declan McGrath, Evidence, Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2005, 728 pp, hb euro 350Young, SNM2007332
A law unto themselves: the Chinese government has acknowledged that corruption in the judiciary is a serious problemZhang, XC1998437
A matter of authority but not of principle: acquisition by lessees of easements by long enjoymentMerry, M2010216
A profession reborn: the enactment of the PRCs new lawyers law is a major step forward in the restoration of the Chinese legal professionZhang, XC1996217
Actuarial assessment of damages in personal injury litigation in Hong Kong: Chan Pui Ki (an infant) v. Leung OnChan, FWH; Chan, WS2000473
Bill of Rights bulletinByrnes, Andrew; Chan, Man-mun, Johannes1991437
Cargate: an alternative legal opinionYoung, SNM2004298
China's death penalty: history, law and contemporary practicesFu, H2007304
Comparative study on the liability for trade mark infringement of online auction providersCheung, ASY; Pun, KH2009347
Crime, punishment, and policing in China, by Borge BakkenFu, H2006503
Criminal Defence in China: The Possible Impact of the 1996 Criminal Procedural Law ReformFu, HL1998243
Developing active learning of skills in professional legal education in Hong Kong: from theory to ethnographyChow, WWS; Wu, RWS; Chan, FWH2006450
Developing an index of the rule of law: sharing the experience of Hong KongTai, BYT2007191
Digital evidence search kitChow, KP; Chong, CF; Lai, KY; Hui, LCK; Pun, KH; Tsang, WW; Chan, HW2005288
Financial regulation in Hong Kong: Time for a changeArner, DW; Hsu, BFC; Da Roza, AM20101,045
Hong Kong administrative law, 2nd editionChan, JMM1994318
Hong Kong's anti-terrorism measures under fireYoung, Simon NM2003166
Hong Kong's bill of rights: two years before 1997Chan, Man-mun, Johannes; Edwards, George; University of Hong Kong. Centre for Comparative and Public Law.; University of Hong Kong. Faculty of Law.1995193
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