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Grandparenting roles and functionsLou, VW; Chi, I201299
I wish to be self-reliant: aspiration for self-reliance, need and life satisfaction, and exit dilemma of welfare recipients in Hong KongWong, CK; Lou, VW2011170
Life satisfaction of older adults in Hong Kong: the role of social support from grandchildrenLou, VW201198
'Living Memoirs' VideographyHo, AHY; Chan, CLW201414
Mental and Behavioral Health in Diversity Management: An East-West PerspectiveLeung, PPY; Chan, CLW201097
Mental healthNg, SM201060
Personality vulnerabilities and their implications for Chinese women's adjustment to recent miscarriageYan, ECW; Tang, C201060
Poverty and social exclusion of the elderlyChui, EWT; Ko, LSF2010106
Prevention of burn out and compassion fatigue through education and training: the Project ENABLEChow, AYM201193
Professional services and training: meeting the diverse needs of older peopleChui, EWT2009121
The psychological well-being of older peopleLou, VW; Gui, SX201195
Solidarity, ambivalence and multigenerational co-residence in Hong KongKo, SF201270
比較Wolfensberger「正常化」和Schalock「生活質量」原則於華人社區精神康復服務的應用Ng, SM200992
社会工作服务Lou, VW200963
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