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Anti-Malaria Campaigns Beyond the Scope of the StateWu, HY201265
The city of knowledge: Rethinking the history of science and urban planningPeckham, R2009116
The discourse of disability in modern ChinaXun, Z2002109
A Dose of Humanities is Good Medicine for AllPeckham, RS2009109
Gambling in Taiwan: problems, research and policyYen, CF; Wu, HYJ2013101
A history of narcotic consumption in modern China.Xun, Z200291
'I don’t want to see my children suffering after birth': The ‘risk of knowing’ talk and decision-making in prenatal screening for Down syndrome in Hong KongYAU, HYA; Zayts, OA201330
Missionary Gaze: the Social Biography and Archiving of Dr. David Landsborough IV’s Photographic CollectionsWu, HYJ201284
Narcotic culture: A Social History of Drug Consumption in ChinaDikötter, F; Laamann, L; Xun, Z2002126
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