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Hong KongZhao, Y201099
Legal issues in China's future participation in the ISSZhao, Y2010262
A Legal Regime for Space Tourism: Creating Legal Certainty in Outer SpaceZhao, Y2009180
Liberalization of legal services in Greater ChinaZhao, Y2009149
Liberalization of telecommunications services in ChinaZhao, Y2009194
The Other Roles of Law: Signalling, Self-commitment and CoordinationYu, G2010128
A qualitative study of two English teachers’ beliefs and practices in a context of curriculum change in Guangzhou, ChinaWang, W; Cao, GL201060
Rationale Law Making and Enforcement Efficiency: The Case of Derivative ActionZuo, C; Yu, G2011251
Reflection on the Finality of Panel's Decisions in Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process, with Reference to China's PracticeZhao, Y2009185
The role of law: alternative theoretical approachesYu, G201171
WTO & developing countriesZhao, Y2009146
外层空间法专论Li, S; Zhao, Y2009103
外间旅游规则的设置Zhao, Y2009200
經濟增長與正式法律體系的作用Yu, G2011206
试论中国与巴西《2002年外空合作议定书》Zhao, Y2009257
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