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Better ways of resolving disputes in Hong Kong: some insights from the Lehman-Brothers Related Investment Product Dispute Mediation and Arbitration SchemeSoo, G; Zhao, Y; Cai, D2010236
Changing rules, technologies and legal strategies: a discussion with the law maker, legal practitioner and technology professional, e-discovery & digital forensicsZhao, Y2009157
Commentary on Selected Critical Issues in Outer Space LawZhao, Y2010188
Current Legal Status and Recent Developments in Hong Kong Law and Its Relevance to Pacific Rim Space Law and ActivitiesZhao, Y2009238
An empirical study of business franchising in ChinaYu, G2011105
Hong KongZhao, Y201099
Legal issues in China's future participation in the ISSZhao, Y2010263
A Legal Regime for Space Tourism: Creating Legal Certainty in Outer SpaceZhao, Y2009181
Liberalization of legal services in Greater ChinaZhao, Y2009151
Liberalization of telecommunications services in ChinaZhao, Y2009195
The Other Roles of Law: Signalling, Self-commitment and CoordinationYu, G2010128
A qualitative study of two English teachers’ beliefs and practices in a context of curriculum change in Guangzhou, ChinaWang, W; Cao, GL201060
Rationale Law Making and Enforcement Efficiency: The Case of Derivative ActionZuo, C; Yu, G2011251
Reflection on the Finality of Panel's Decisions in Domain Name Dispute Resolution Process, with Reference to China's PracticeZhao, Y2009187
The role of law: alternative theoretical approachesYu, G201171
WTO & developing countriesZhao, Y2009146
外层空间法专论Li, S; Zhao, Y2009103
外间旅游规则的设置Zhao, Y2009201
經濟增長與正式法律體系的作用Yu, G2011207
试论中国与巴西《2002年外空合作议定书》Zhao, Y2009257
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