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Building for the futureWebster, CJ200723
The chaotic nature of urban neighbourhood evolutionWebster, CJ200424
China’s modern walled citiesWebster, CJ; Wu, F; Zhao, Y200636
China’s urban marginalization in comparative perspectivesWu, F; Webster, CJ201020
City symbols and memories: architecture and historyLung, DPY2010278
ConclusionWebster, CJ201319
Dialogue II: City Memory / City EnvisioningDu, J; Borg-Pisani, NLR201028
Dialogue IV: Parallel space: Material resurrectionDu, J; Borg-Pisani, NLR201031
Dynamic urban order and the rise of residential clubsWebster, CJ; Glasze, G200626
Emergence, spatial order, transaction costs and planningWebster, CJ200825
Entitlement to the benefits of urbanisation: comparing migrant and peri-urban ‘peasants’Webster, CJ; Zhao, Y201037
Evaluation, property rights and the purpose of urban planningWebster, CJ201127
Evaluation, property rights and the purpose of urban planningWebster, CJ201321
ForewordWebster, CJ200918
Global emergence of gated communities and privately-governed neighbourhoodsleGoix, R; Webster, CJ200923
The global emergence of private planning and governanceWebster, CJ; Lee, S200517
Homeowners associationsWebster, CJ201017
Homeowners associations, collective action and the costs of private governanceChen, SCY; Webster, CJ200622
Institutional economics: NewChen, SCY; Webster, CJ201221
Introduction to property rights, planning and markets 2003Webster, CJ; Lai, LWC200824
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