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Book: Youth Sexuality Study (Out-of-School Survey) 1996
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TitleYouth Sexuality Study (Out-of-School Survey) 1996
AuthorsLam, TH
Xenos, PS
Au, PK
Lee, JMK
Lee, PWH
Ng, ML
Tang, GWK
Yeung, A
Yip, P
Yu, E
Yuon, E
Fan, S
Law, M
Shu, D
Cheng, D
Tam, E
Chan, J
Chan, N
Chung, D
Lam, H
Liu, D
Weng, S
Issue Date2000
PublisherThe Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.
DC FieldValue
dc.contributor.authorLam, TH
dc.contributor.authorXenos, PS
dc.contributor.authorAu, PK
dc.contributor.authorLee, JMK
dc.contributor.authorLee, PWH
dc.contributor.authorNg, ML
dc.contributor.authorTang, GWK
dc.contributor.authorYeung, A
dc.contributor.authorYip, P
dc.contributor.authorYu, E
dc.contributor.authorYuon, E
dc.contributor.authorFan, S
dc.contributor.authorLaw, M
dc.contributor.authorShu, D
dc.contributor.authorCheng, D
dc.contributor.authorTam, E
dc.contributor.authorChan, J
dc.contributor.authorChan, N
dc.contributor.authorChung, D
dc.contributor.authorLam, H
dc.contributor.authorLiu, D
dc.contributor.authorWeng, S
dc.publisherThe Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.
dc.titleYouth Sexuality Study (Out-of-School Survey) 1996
<?xml encoding="utf-8" version="1.0"?>
<item><>Lam, TH</>
<>Xenos, PS</>
<>Au, PK</>
<>Lee, JMK</>
<>Lee, PWH</>
<>Ng, ML</>
<>Tang, GWK</>
<>Yeung, A</>
<>Yip, P</>
<>Yu, E</>
<>Yuon, E</>
<>Fan, S</>
<>Law, M</>
<>Shu, D</>
<>Cheng, D</>
<>Tam, E</>
<>Chan, J</>
<>Chan, N</>
<>Chung, D</>
<>Lam, H</>
<>Liu, D</>
<>Weng, S</>
<publisher>The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.</publisher>
<title>Youth Sexuality Study (Out-of-School Survey) 1996</title>