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Yamuna KachruLim, LLS201321
Yet what connects those dots: The Slim Rim of Fear in Major Jackson’s HoopsRichards, PK200893
Yiddish, quasi-yiddish and ideologies of American EnglishYuen, Hiu-sum.; 袁曉芯.2004602
"You have to be adaptable, obviously": Constructing professional identities in multicultural workplaces in Hong KongSchnurr, S; Zayts, O2012104
You Make it Easy to Leave You'Gan, WCH200387
"You may know better than I do when it comes to medical thing": client’s elicitation of advice in prenatal genetic counseling in Hong KongZayts, O; Schnurr, S2011119
Yuan yang = 鴛鴦2000756
Zen Buddhism in selected works of J.D. SalingerChung, Kwok-wai, Michael.; 鍾國偉.20051,142
對產前遺傳輔導知情選擇過程的話語分析Zayts, OA; Kang, MA; Zhang, W2009137
英國文學在中國的介紹, 研究和影響 (English Literature in China)Zhou, XY; Tong, QS2002161
<<鏡與燈: 浪漫主義文論及批評傳統>> (The Mirror and the Lamp)Tong, QS; Li, ZN; Zhang, ZJ2004327
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