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W.E.B. Du Bois and AsiaLim, Anne Wing-huen.; 林詠萱.2010293
'We beat 'em': Nationalism and the hegemony of homogeneity in the British press reportage of Germany versus England during Euro 2000Bishop, H; Jaworski, A2003103
Western Writings on Chinese Secret Societies and 'Triads'Bolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000118
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?Heim, O200995
What do names do stand for?Pable, AM201151
What kind of feedback is appropriate for the journal writing of language learners?: action research in asecondary classroom in Hong KongCowler, Richard Alan.2010425
What should be said an what should not be said> - Perception of parents and caregivers of individuals with down syndrome in Hong Kong on sensitive language in Cantonese used in healthcare settingMok, WKY; Chu, WY; Wong, WHS; Ip, P; Zayts, OA; Chung, BHY201327
What the consultant sawKerr, DWF200994
'When W. Somerset Maugham Met the Missionaries: Sketches from China and Malaya'Kuehn, JC2005136
Where are the modals going in World Englishes, and how do we find out?Noel, D; van der Auwera, J2011112
Where was and is sadness? A corpus-based diachronic investigation of metaphorical containers of sadness in EnglishDing, Y; Noel, D201282
Whitman's framesRichards, P200386
Whitman's Prefaces'Richards, PK200477
Who owns language? Mother tongues as intellectual propertyHutton, CM2008163
Who owns language? Mother tongues as intellectual property and the conceptualization of human linguistic diversityHutton, C2010181
Who wants Swiss English?Pable, AM201311
Why the semantics of 'good' and 'bad' isn't good enough: Popular science and the 'language crux'Pablé, A2011114
Wilhelm Voa Hymboldt, Heymann SteinthalHutton, CM1995121
Will the English language become the single world language in the 21stcentury?Chang, Kwai-yan.; 張葵茵.2001224
Winter's End', 'Short of Breath'Richards, PK200368
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