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Verb topicalization in CantoneseMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199481
Verb valency patterns, constructions and grammaticalizationNoël, D2007141
The verbal construction of non-verbal behaviour: British press reports of president Clinton's grand jury testimony videoJaworski, A; Galasiǹski, D2002140
Verbs for wanting and needing in modern standard Chinese and in CantoneseLuke, KK; Nancarrow, OT199563
Vernacular Lexicography in the Missionary Context (Editor's Introduction)Hutton, CM200285
Vernacular spaces and >non-places< : dynamics of the Hong Kong linguistic landscapeHutton, CM201169
Virginia Woolf and the Language of SensationChun, M201256
Visual hybridity: Margaret murray cookesley's orientalist aestheticismKuehn, J2011166
Vocabulary acquisition in second language: a comparison between paired associates and sentence contextsLau, Ngar-yin, Belinda.; 劉雅賢.2010574
Vocabulary knowledge development of Chinese learners of English in China: a longitudinal multiple-case study ofeight university studentsZheng, Yongyan; 郑咏滟2010440
Vocabulary teaching strategies: a case study of five english teachers in a band 3 school in Hong KongTse, Ching-yan.; 謝靜欣2008790
Voices from the gap: a study of women's experiences in three novels by Anita DesaiBibi, Musrat.2005441
The Voyage Out as Voyage In: Exotic Realism, Romance and ModernismKuehn, JC2011107
W.E.B. Du Bois and AsiaLim, Anne Wing-huen.; 林詠萱.2010294
'We beat 'em': Nationalism and the hegemony of homogeneity in the British press reportage of Germany versus England during Euro 2000Bishop, H; Jaworski, A2003103
Western Writings on Chinese Secret Societies and 'Triads'Bolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000119
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?Heim, O200995
What do names do stand for?Pable, AM201152
What kind of feedback is appropriate for the journal writing of language learners?: action research in asecondary classroom in Hong KongCowler, Richard Alan.2010427
What should be said an what should not be said> - Perception of parents and caregivers of individuals with down syndrome in Hong Kong on sensitive language in Cantonese used in healthcare settingMok, WKY; Chu, WY; Wong, WHS; Ip, P; Zayts, OA; Chung, BHY201327
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