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Understanding writing strategy use from a sociocultural perspective: a multiple-case study of Chinese EFLlearners of different writing abilitiesLei, Xiao; 雷霄2009390
Understanding written feedback practices as well as teachers' and students' perceptions and attitudes towards written feedback in an ESPcontext in Hong KongNgai, Sze-yee; 魏詩意2009617
Undoing and redoing corpus planning: ReviewsBolton, K1999305
Unfinished Visions Beyond Nostalgic Mimicry: Derek Walcott’s The Last Carnival in a Modernist LightHeim, O199752
Unilateral norm breaking in a presidential debate: Lech Wałȩsa versus Aleksander KwaśniewskiJaworski, A; Galasiński, D200087
Universal structures in telephone conversation openings.Luke, KK199671
Universal vs. language-specific properties of grammaticalized complementizers: two case studies in multi-functionalityYeung, Ka-Wai.; 楊{213a79}慧.2003447
Universalism and human difference in Chomskyan linguistics: the first ‘superhominid’ and the language facultyHutton, CM201085
'Unmapped'Gan, WCH200682
Unmeaning Phrases”: Shaggy Dog Humor and the Practice of Frames'Richards, PK200581
The unstable memsahib narrative in William Somerset Maugham’s The Painted VeilGan, WCH2011107
Ur-Horses'Richards, PK200272
Use of patient-specific estimates in patient evaluation and rehabilitationStephens, D; Jaworski, A; Kerr, P; Zhao, F1998105
Verb topicalization in CantoneseMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199480
Verb valency patterns, constructions and grammaticalizationNoël, D2007141
The verbal construction of non-verbal behaviour: British press reports of president Clinton's grand jury testimony videoJaworski, A; Galasiǹski, D2002138
Verbs for wanting and needing in modern standard Chinese and in CantoneseLuke, KK; Nancarrow, OT199563
Vernacular Lexicography in the Missionary Context (Editor's Introduction)Hutton, CM200285
Vernacular spaces and >non-places< : dynamics of the Hong Kong linguistic landscapeHutton, CM201169
Virginia Woolf and the Language of SensationChun, M201256
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