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''Painting the beat of the drum that beats round the world': Lady Elizabeth Butler’s Visual Empire'Kuehn, JC200987
A passage to Kowloon Tong: Paul Theroux and Hong Kong 1997Kerr, D199960
Passing three hurdles: representations of Henrik Ibsen's Nora in twentieth century Chinese theatreLau, Leung-che, Miriam.; 劉亮之.2009284
Passion Impossible: Sex Abroad, The Sheik and Other StoriesKuehn, JC2011139
The passive matrices of English infinitival complement clauses: Evidentials on the road to auxiliarihood?Noël, D200175
Patient participation within a globalised patient population: Interactional difficulties in a prenatal counseling context in Hong KongKang, MA; Zayts, OA2010151
Patterns in metaphor translation: a corpus-based case study of the translation of FEAR metaphors between English and ChineseDing, Y; Noël, D; Wolf, HH2008144
Patterns in metaphor translation: translating FEAR metaphors between English and ChineseDing, Y; Noël, D; Wolf, HH2010172
Paul Theroux'Smethurst, P200363
Peranakans English in SingaporeLim, LLS201093
Perception in debates: an investigation of 'women's language' and speech rates in Hong KongLi, Suk-yin.; 李淑賢.2004308
Perceptions and practices of code-mixing in MSN among secondary schoolstudents in Hong KongLee, Ely; 李儀莉2009481
Perceptions and practices of mixed-code teaching among English teachers in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational EducationYuen, Ho-yan, Aron.; 袁浩恩2009523
Perceptions of mentors and mentees participating in an English language mentoring scheme at a university in Hong KongKing, James Michael Francis.2012180
Peripheral Vision, Landscape, and Nation-Building in Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Scotland, 1769-72Smethurst, P201253
Peter Ackroyd's 'Hawksmoor''Smethurst, P; Kuehn, JC2004104
Pidgins and CreolesMatthews, SJ; Smith, G1996107
The Pig under the Roof': Chinese Characters as Condensed HistoryHutton, CM200299
Plumb Duff: Review of Alan Duff, Out of the Mist and SteamHeim, O200038
The Poetic Image, the Speaking Subject and the Poststructuralist WorldSmethurst, P199896
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