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The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual LegislationLeung, JHC201359
The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual LegislationLeung, JHC201320
Objectifi cation and transgender jurisprudence: The dictionary as quasi-statuteHutton, C201159
Objectification and transgender jurisprudence: the dictionary as quasi-statuteHutton, C201130
Oderic of Pordenone'Smethurst, P200375
"Of human bondage": Somerset Maugham in ChinaZhang, Yanping; 张燕萍2011485
Of Postmodern Chronotopes, Cyberspace and the Ontology of Multiple WorldsSmethurst, P199765
Official language policy in Hong Kong: with particular reference to the Legislative CouncilChung, Lung-shan, Peter.; 鍾龍山.20032,022
On conjunctions in CantoneseLuke, KK; Nancarrow, OT199483
On describing Cantonese Grammar: typological and methodological perspectivesMatthews, SJ199762
On digital aesthetics: scrutinizing aestheticstudies in the digital eraChan, Ching-yan, Janet.; 陳靜昕.2004451
On the Bus with Rosa ParksRichards, PK200182
On the edge of reason : law at the borderlineLeung, JHC201250
Once Were WarriorsHeim, O200998
One Colonialism, Two Colonialisms: Teaching Heart of Darkness in Hong KongKuehn, J201255
One Day'Richards, PK200261
"Opaque rings of earth": landscape description in Conrad's Africa and AsiaBrown, David Bruce Windsor.2012286
Opposition and reconciliation in the works of J.M. Coetzee and Nadine GordimerChow, Shuk-han.; 周淑嫻.2005412
Ordinary Meaning, Change and the LawHutton, CM200766
Organic form and its discontents: the modernist critique of organicismChan, King.; 陳勁.1997211
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