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Names in urban landscapes: reality and the ‘myth of referencePable, AM201098
'Narrating Transnationalism: How to Write a Grounded Dispersion'Kuehn, JC200982
Narration in Heart of Darkness, The Waste Land and LolitaLi, Mun-wai, Julie.; 李敏慧.1999540
Nathalie Sarraute: Le planetarium.Leung Signer, Cosette.19731,336
National Learning, National Literature, and National LanguageTong, QS201153
Nationalism, Internationalism, the Cold War: Crossing Literary-Cultural Boundaries in 1950s Hong KongHo, EYL2009125
Naturalizing Laziness: Renegotiating Cantonese Identity at the Edge of Post-colonial Hong KongChen, KHY2009101
Nazi race theory and belief in an “Aryan race”: a profound failure of interdisciplinary communicationHutton, CM2010435
NEED and NEED TO in Asian Englishesvan der Auwera, J; Noël, D; De Wit, A200971
Negotiating Chinese modernity: British imperialism and the late Qing reformsWang, Dongqing; 王冬青201380
Negotiating Conflict Within the Constraints of Social Hierarchies in Korean American DiscourseKang, AM2003235
Negotiating Multilingualism: Return migration and identities in Hong KongChen, KHY201240
Negotiating the identities of allied healthcare professionals in the age of ‘superdiversity’ in healthcare.Zayts, OA; Schnurr, S201320
‘New Black Fiction of East Asia’Baxter, KI200879
New directions in English prosody: Tone in (some) New EnglishesLim, LLS201098
New enemies: women writers and the First World WarChan, Lai-on.; 陳麗安.2004208
The new style of English among returnee bilinguals in Hong KongChen, KHY201224
'No Place For Shakespeare In Utopia: High Culture And Low Conditioning In Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World''.Smethurst, P2007154
The No Point Shaggy Dog and GodotRichards, PK200899
The nominative and infinitive in English and Dutch: An exercise in contrastive diachronic construction grammarNoël, D; Colleman, T2009144
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