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Magic and the great trust: The place of the intellectual in Mark Twain’s and Edward Bellamy’s visions of distant societiesHeim, O199762
Mainland Chinese research postgraduate students' attitudes to using English in an English-medium university in Hong KongYang, Jing; 杨静2012196
The Making of the Kong Girl (港女) and the Heterosexual MarketplaceKang, AM; Chen, KHY201336
'Map readers'Gan, WCH200572
Mapping Neverland: a reading of J.M. Barrie'sPeter Pan text as pastoral, myth and romanceSze, Tin Tin.; 施福田.2012300
'Marie Corelli's Love Letters to Arthur Severn'Kuehn, JC200576
Marie Corelli's populist-sublime aestheticsKuehn, J201247
Marie Corelli's The sorrows of satan: Novelistic Bestseller, dramatic failureKuehn, J201087
'Marking Chinese Differences in English'Ho, EYL200889
Marriage and women's identity in the novels of Virginia WoolfCheng, Oi-yee.; 鄭靄儀.1999297
Martin Haspelmath: a grammar of LezgianMatthews, SJ1994164
Matter and manner in Shakespeare's comediesAustin, Lynnette Esther.1981220
Maybe you are not interested in screening test but I will tell you about it’, or Is non-directiveness attainable in prenatal genetic counselling of Chinese patients?Ho, KWY; Zayts, OA2010311
Meaning and the principle of linearityHutton, C199036
Meaning, time and the law: Ex post and ex ante perspectivesHutton, C200963
Media mythologies: the case of triad languageBolton, KR; Hutton, CM199683
Media Mythologies: The Case of Triad LanguageBolton, KR; Hutton, CM200182
Melancholia and autobiography in Roland BarthesFong, Chung-yan.; 鄺頌欣.1997257
Memory and its relation to history and identity in novels todayCheng, Mei-heung, Christie.; 鄭美香2003413
Memory, understanding, imagination, and knowledge: the American postmodern realist novelWang, SR; Tong, QS2007191
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