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L1-based prototypicality effects in L2 vocabulary learningXia, X; Leung, JHC201281
Language and communication: a sociolinguisticstudy of newcomers' socialization into the workplaceMak, Chun-nam.; 麥震嵐.2009622
Language and gender representations in the reality television show Survivor: the AmazonChung, Ho-ying, Holly.; 鍾可盈.2005983
Language and identities - cultural dynamics in international institutionsChriste, N201251
Language and identity positioning of multilingual Southeast Asian sojourners in Hong KongTang, Yuen-man.; 鄧沅雯.2012103
Language and identity: the case of the ZhuangNg, Sheung-pui.; 吳尚珮.2010360
Language and law: a critical-semantic approach to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegionLui, Chui-chi.; 雷翠芝.1998389
Language and politics: use and abuse of language in political rhetoricLam, Maggie.; 林美琪.2007724
Language and race in the classification of ethnic diversity: the case of Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt'Hutton, CM200289
Language and sexualityLam, Sze-nga.; 林詩雅.2003294
Language and social identity: An integrationist critiquePablé, A; Haas, M; Christe, N2010219
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1996122
Language As Identity In Language Policy Discourse: Reflections On A Political IdeologyHutton, CM2009106
Language attitudes in Hong Kong: mother tongue instruction policy and public perceptionsWong, Lai-ching, Lillian.; 黃麗貞.1997382
Language attitudes in Hong Kong: the status of Putonghua and English in the 21st CenturyKwok, Kar-yan, Bonnie.; 郭嘉恩.20041,785
Language choice in complex multilingual settings: a minority’s perspectiveAnsaldo, U; Lim, LLS201094
Language dominance and transfer in Cantonese/English bilingual childrenMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199792
Language in Society: Editor's noteAbe, K; Aceto, M; Agha, A; Ahearn, L; Anderson, B; Arundale, RB; AyresBennett, W; Barrett, R; Baugh, J; Beach, W; Bing, J; Bilmes, J; Blommaert, J; Bowker, L; Brenneis, D; Britain, D; Bucholtz, M; Caldas, S; Cheshire, J; Cline, M; Collins, D; Collins, J; Cotterill, J; Coupland, N; DaileyO'cain, J; Del Negro, G; Delvalle, J; Drew, P; Dunmire, P; Duranti, A; Eades, D; Ehrlich, S; Farfan, JAF; Fasulo, A; Feagin, C; Foulkes, P; Fussell, S; GardnerChloros, P; Gaudio, R; Gill, V; Goodwin, C; Haeri, N; Hamilton, H; Harris, S; Harwood, J; Hayashi, M; Hazen, K; Heller, M; Heritage, J; Hutchby, I; Hutton, C; Ide, S; Irvine, J; Jacoby, S; Jaffe, A; Kanai, K; Karkkainen, E; Kataoka, K; Keane, W; Keating, E; Keiser, SH; Kiesling, SF; King, K; Kirkpatrick, A; Kong, K; Kulick, D; Lindstrom, A; Lindstrom, L; LorenzoDus, N; Lucas, C; Luke, KK; Mannheim, B; Manning, P; Maschler, Y; Maynard, D; Mcelhinny, B; Meyerhoff, M; Miller, F; Milroy, L; Mufwene, S; MyersScotton, C; Nadasdi, T; Nichols, J; Niedzielski, N; Norrick, N; O'connor, P; Ohara, Y; Yuling, P; Paulston, CB; Pomerantz, A; Queen, R; Raymond, G; Rhodes, L; Roberts, S; Romaine, S; Rymes, B; Sandel, T; Ana, OS; Scheuer, J; SchillingEstes, N; Sherzer, J; Schwarz, M; Shoaps, R; Sidnell, J; SilvaCorvalán, C; SmithHefner, N; Suslak, D; Svennevig, J; Taglimonte, S; Terkourafi, M; Tempesta, I; Thurlow, C; Tomlinson, M; Traugott, E; Walters, K; Watanabe, S; Watt, D; Wee, L; Li, W; Wexler, P; Wilce, J; Whalen, M; Wodak, R; Wolfram, W; Yukawa, S; Zimmerman, D200696
The Language Myth and the Race Myth: Twin Evils of Modern Identity Politics?Hutton, CM200298
The Language Myth and the Race Myth: Twin Evils of Modern Identity Politics?Hutton, CM200077
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