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Kaduva of privileged power, instrument of rural empowerment? The politics of English (and Sinhala and Tamil) in Sri LankaLim, LLS201321
Kaduva of privileged power, instrument of rural empowerment? The politics of English (And Sinhala And Tamil) in Sri LankaLim, L2009117
Keats's poems related to those of some of his friends: C.C. Clarke, Leigh Hunt, J.H. Reynolds, William Hazlitt,Charles Lamb, Charles Wells, Horace Smith and B.W. ProcterPun, Tzoh-wah; 潘佐華1959425
'Knowing Bodies, Knowing Self: The Western Woman Traveller’s Encounter with Chinese Women, Bound Feet, and the Half-Caste Child, 1880-1920’Kuehn, JC2008152
Knowledge of binding in Hong Kong bilingual childrenMatthews, SJ; Yip, V; Huang, Y199684
Korean Discourse and Identity: Lessons from Heritage Language ResearchKang, AM201332
L1-based prototypicality effects in L2 vocabulary learningXia, X; Leung, JHC201285
Language and communication: a sociolinguisticstudy of newcomers' socialization into the workplaceMak, Chun-nam.; 麥震嵐.2009622
Language and gender representations in the reality television show Survivor: the AmazonChung, Ho-ying, Holly.; 鍾可盈.2005986
Language and identities - cultural dynamics in international institutionsChriste, N201251
Language and identity positioning of multilingual Southeast Asian sojourners in Hong KongTang, Yuen-man.; 鄧沅雯.2012103
Language and identity: the case of the ZhuangNg, Sheung-pui.; 吳尚珮.2010361
Language and law: a critical-semantic approach to the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special AdministrativeRegionLui, Chui-chi.; 雷翠芝.1998390
Language and politics: use and abuse of language in political rhetoricLam, Maggie.; 林美琪.2007728
Language and race in the classification of ethnic diversity: the case of Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt'Hutton, CM200289
Language and sexualityLam, Sze-nga.; 林詩雅.2003295
Language and social identity: An integrationist critiquePablé, A; Haas, M; Christe, N2010221
Language and Society in Hong Kong: The Social Survey of Languages in the 1980'sBolton, KR; Luke, KK1996124
Language As Identity In Language Policy Discourse: Reflections On A Political IdeologyHutton, CM2009107
Language attitudes in Hong Kong: mother tongue instruction policy and public perceptionsWong, Lai-ching, Lillian.; 黃麗貞.1997385
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