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Ha Jin and the location of representationWong, Sin-i, Elaine.; 黃心儀2005399
Had better, ’d better and better: Diachronic and transatlantic variationvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D; Van linden, A201362
"Half of life": male voices in the novels of Carol ShieldsHo, Julie Elaine.2000430
Harvesting The waste land: critical views 1922-1932 and 1965-1975Yiu, Yun-kwan.; 姚潤昆2003327
Hearing Beckett'Richards, PK200372
Hearing Voices: The Sound of Speech in ConradBaxter, KI200967
Heavy NPs, processing and topicalization in ChineseMatthews, SJ199674
Hegemony, national allegory, exile: The poetry of Shirley Lim.Tay, E2005381
Heimat in the cinema of Wim WendersLee, Wing-sze, Reese.; 李詠詩2000184
Henri Cole'Richards, PK200787
'Her things'Gan, WCH200169
Hermann Paul, Wilhelm WundtHutton, CM1995103
Historicising the Legal Construction of LesbianismWan, MMH201094
The historicity of literary genres and the emergence of modern Chinese Literary CriticismTong, QS; Zhou, XY2005170
History, Hybridity and Ethnicity in the Works of Timothy Mo and Caryl PhilipsSmethurst, P199874
Holmes into Challenger: The Dark InvestigatorKerr, DWF201314
Hong Kong comic books, the 1950's to the 1990'sBolton, KR; Hutton, CM; Mok, CKL199693
Hong Kong English and the internetChan, Haw-fung, Victor.; 陳可風.1999297
Hong Kong English literature databaseHo, EYL2010140
Hong Kong eurasian memoirs: identity and voicesLee, Vicky; 李美琪2001607
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