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Gender ideologies in public discoursesKang, AM; Chen, KHY201269
Gender in textbook dialogues: textual analyses and classroom practicesAu, Mei-yan, Florence.; 歐美恩.20041,067
Gender representation in personal ads in Hong Kong and the U.S.: a linguistic investigationLeung, Wing-kwan.; 梁永坤.1999300
Gender(ed) fables of Maya DerenSiu, Chi-ming, Anthony.; 邵志明.2001337
Gendered discourse and rapport management in Hong Kong beauty spasLiu, Yiqi.; 刘依祺.2011210
'Gendering the Empire: Women's Orientalist Paintings'Kuehn, JC200895
Genetic counseling in multilingual and multicultural contextsZayts, OA; Pilnick, A201449
Genetic counselling/consultation from a communication perspectiveZayts, OA; Sarangi, S201220
Georg von der GabelentzHutton, CM1995101
George Eliot's poetry and ideas on poetry: a study of her own verse and her tastes and opinions concerningpoetryNg, Wenh-in, Greer Anne.; 吳詠嫣.1960455
George OrwellKerr, DWF; Martínez, S2012100
'Gezegd worden + te-Inf. Een verdwenen evidentiele constructie.' [The disappearance of the Dutch evidential BE SAID TO construction.]Colleman, T; Noël, D200887
Gezegd worden + te-infinitief: een verouderde evidentiele constructie.Colleman, T; Noël, D2009134
Global indigeneity and the motif of return in Witi Ihimaera’s writingHeim, O200878
Global indigeneity, place-based imagination and the politics of identificationHeim, O201177
Global modernity and linguistic universality: The invention of modern Chinese languageTong, QS2010193
Glorious Vulgarity: Marie Corelli's Feminine Sublime in a Popular ContextKuehn, JC2004112
Going About: Conrad’s Progress in A Personal RecordKerr, DWF201151
Going native: honesty in the romantic formation of aboriginalityXu, D201240
Goltfred Leibniz, Christian Wolff, Johann AdelungHutton, CM1995131
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