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Factors Affecting the Implicit Learning of Form-Meaning ConnectionsLeung, JHC; Williams, J.N.2009127
Fall and response: Alan Duff's shameful autoethnographyHeim, O2007104
'Family Photos'Gan, WCH200270
Female sexuality in Grimm's fairy tales and their English translationsTso, Wing-bo.; 曹穎寶.2002822
Female trauma and memory in constructions of black identityWan, Pauline Gail.1999206
'The Feminine Middlebrow Novel Abroad: Ann Bridge's Peking Picnic'Gan, WCH200974
Feminism and the representations of teenaged girls in 20th century children's literatureChou, Mei-ching, Tammy.; 周美貞.2005478
Fictional Travel'Smethurst, P200377
Fictions of affinity and the Aryan paradigmHutton, CM201325
Fictions Of Affinity And The Aryan ParadigmHutton, CM201141
Fictions of globalisation in the twenty-first centuryHarrison, Charlotte Louise Monamy.2011265
The film versions of Mr. WuGan, W201217
Foreshadowing the postcolonial: representations of masculinity in the works of Joseph ConradAlexander, Martin John.1997252
'A Formal Friendship: The Victorians and Germany'Kuehn, JC201326
The formation of the critical consciousTong, QS2006116
Frames and Discourse in American Literature”Richards, PK200588
Frames and discourse in American writingRichards, P200243
Fredrich Schelegel, Franz BoppHutton, CM1995123
From Athens to Beijing: The Elgin Marbles and the Ruins of Yuan Ming Yuan”Tong, QS200597
From Colonialism to Nationalism: Ethnolinguistic Categories and the Nung of VietnamHutton, CM199880
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