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E.M. Forster's vision of lifeWang, Chiu, Anna.; 汪昭1965280
'Early decisions' in prenatal genetic counselling sessions: negotiating the accomplishment of informed choiceKang, MA; Zayts, OA2010127
Early English adopters in British Malaya: The significance of the PeranakansLim, LLS201093
Eastern figures: orient and empire in British writingKerr, DWF2008130
(ed.) Triad Societies: Western Accounts of the History, Sociology, and Linguistics of Chinese Secret SocietiesBolton, KR; Hutton, CM2000131
EditorialBell, A; Jaworski, A200858
Editors' prefaceHutton, C; Wolf, HG200845
Effectiveness of comprehension strategies instruction on developing secondary 4 students' reading abilitiesWong, Miu-yin.; 黃妙賢.2010356
Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, "Egypt 1870"Kuehn, J2010399
Elite mobilities: The semiotic landscapes of luxury and privilegeThurlow, C; Jaworski, A201285
Elliptical representations in Maxine Hong Kingston's writing and her articulation in the subversion of grand narrativesHoldefer, Joan Lee.; 李苑芳.2001174
Embracing Domesticity Between the Wars: The Writing of Jan StrutherGan, WCH200185
Emotion metaphors in poetic and non-poetic discourse: the case of SADNESS metaphorsDing, Y; Noël, D; Wolf, HH2010129
'Encounters with Otherness: Female Travelers in China, 1880-1920'Kuehn, JC2007109
The End of Aesthetics and the Limits of LiberalismTong, QS200783
English and multilingualism in SingaporeLim, LLS2012141
The English evidential nominative and infinitive constructionNoël, D200866
English in AsiaAnsaldo, U; Lim, LLS201252
English in China: A preliminary bibliographyAdamson, B; Bolton, KR; Lam, ASL; Tong, QS2002120
English in designs in Hong KongNg, Man-yi, Emily.; 吳敏儀.2001211
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