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Daniel Defoe'Smethurst, P2003112
The Dark Investigator: Holmes into ChallengerKerr, DWF201315
"Dark, inscrutable workmanship": contradiction and reconciliation in Wordsworth's representation ofnatureLi, Zhaohui; 李朝暉2002514
The dead-end of an autonomous linguistics: rereading Simmel and Saussure on system, value and exchangeHutton, CM200992
Death, existence and limit in the works of Maurice BlanchotPoon, Wan-lam, Elizabeth.; 潘尹琳.2005209
Decolonizing fictions: the subversion of 19thcentury realist fictionFung, Kit-ting.; 馮潔婷.2001352
Deconstructing Rortian constructivism: against the ubiquity of language.Pable, AM201242
Defining spaces: clubs and their membership in the colonial fiction of Kipling, Orwell and ScottAu, K. W.; 區嘉偉.2003264
Definition In Theory And Practice: Language, Lexicography And The LawHutton, CM; Harris, R2007161
Degree adverbs in Hong Kong and Singapore EnglishSun, L; Wolf, HH; Noël, D200899
Degree adverbs in Hong Kong and Singapore English: a corpus-based investigationSun, Li; 孙莉2011319
Depoliticizing Poetry: The Reception of W.H. Auden in 20th Century ChinaXu, X201251
Development and spread of LanguagesMatthews, SJ199668
Diachronic Approaches to Modality in World Englishes: Introduction to the Special IssueNoel, D; van Rooy, B; van der Auwera, J201435
Diachronic construction grammar and grammaticalization theoryNoël, D2007181
Diachronic construction grammar: A state of the artNoel, D201379
Diachrony and synchrony: a comparative study of the opening paragraphs of Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso SeaTong, QS; Roberts, J1995137
Diachrony and synchrony: two modes of narrative representationTong, QS1994146
The 'dialect myth' and socio-onomastics. The names of the castles of Bellinzona in an integrational perspectivePablé, A200951
Dialogue, the dandy and divided self: individualism in selected works of Oscar WildeCheung, Chau-lam, Karen.; 張秋林1998282
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