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Can modifiers occur after nouns in Cantonese?Luke, KK199571
Cantonese: A Comprehensive GrammarMatthews, SJ; Yip, V1994137
Caryl Phillips'Smethurst, P; Kuehn, JC2003103
Categorization and L2 vocabulary learning: a cognitive linguistic perspectiveXia, Xiaoyan.; 夏晓燕.2011459
Category typicality effects in foreign language acquisition: the role of L1-based typicality in L2 semantic organisationXia, X; Leung, J201296
Caught in a labyrinth: the notion of vulnerability in selected works of Tennessee WilliamsTam, Wing-han.; 譚詠嫺.2005174
A Century of English in Hong KongHo, EYL201063
A Century of Travels in China: Critical Essays on Travel Writing from the 1840s to the 1940sKerr, DWF; Kuehn, JC2007119
Challenges For Communicating With A Globalised Patient Population: A Look At Prenatal Counseling In Hong KongKang, MA; Zayts, OA2008114
Chance, Gender and LaughterBaxter, KI200878
Changing stereotypes: linguistic and semiotic aspects of modern women's image in Hong Kong TV advertisingChan, Yin-ling, Grace.; 陳妍齡.1995291
'China Abroad: Between Transnation and Translation'Kuehn, JC2009112
China abroad: Travels, subjects, spacesHo, EYL; Kuehn, JC200947
The China Boom and Peking Romance: Anne Duffield’s The Lacquer Couch.Gan, WCH201215
China in English literature of the romantic periodLeung, Kai-Cheong.; 梁啓昌1963345
'China of the Tourists: Women and the Grand Tour of the Middle Kingdom, 1878-1923'Kuehn, JC200881
Chinese boxes: "Typhoon" and Conrad's history of the ChineseKerr, D200956
Chinese education and the prestige of EnglishTang, Yu-kwong.; 鄧宇光.2000297
Chinese EFL learners' pragmatic and discourse transfer in the discourse of L2 requestsLi, Citing.; 李茨婷.2009572
Chinese English, English Chinese: Biliteracy and TranslationHo, EYL2010111
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