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Ugly ladies in the Tale of GenjiMurakami, F2008152
Un exemple de recherche action à Hong Kong sur les compétences interculturelles en mobilité académiqueMartinez, VJ201242
Understanding Management Philosophy as Hegemony or Ideology, Or, the First Step Toward Business AnthropologyWong, DHW201329
Unified Germany faces divisionAuer, S201020
The United States and Sino-Japanese Relations in a new era?Teo, VEL200871
The United States between China and JapanRose, C; Teo, VEL201361
The United States between China and Japan: Balancer, Arbitrator and Limits of ChangeTeo, V201349
The University of Hong Kong Japanese Language Standards (JLS): challenges in the framing and implementation processesYorozu, M; Kobayashi, M; Mito, A; Yoshikawa, T201051
University training and education for intercultruality in student mobility in Hong KongMartinez, V201058
University training and education for interculturality in student mobility in Hong KongMartinez, VJ201069
The US and the Problems between China and JapanTeo, VEL; Rose, C201094
Using Epistemic Modal Suffixes and Sensation / Emotion Adjectives to Determine Narrative Distance in The Tale of GenjiMurakami, F2000135
Values in conflict. The effects of Islam, migration, and social fragmentation on European Politics and Foreign PolicyVogt, CR201094
Values in conflict: the rise and effects of anti-Islamic populism in EuropeVogt, CR2011181
Verbal humour: levels of expectation : an examination of strategies with a limited corpusNancarrow, C. R.1985253
Violence and the end of revolution after 1989Auer, S200918
Visual cultureJohnson, KA201079
War Heroes in Africa: Using Race to Reconstruct National Identity during the 1950sGruenewald, T200914
We Are All Central Europeans Now: A Literary Guide to the Eurozone CrisisAuer, S201219
The weight of love and evil in AugustineCristaudo, WA201089
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