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Samuel Wells Williams, printer: opening the Treaty Ports and closing the Chinese Repository (1832-1851)Johnson, KA201179
Second language reading and language transfer among engineering students at H.K.U.Partington, Ann.1981292
Secuestro Express and La Clase: politics of realism in contemporary Venezuelan filmmakingVazquez, M2010106
Seeing Macau through the eyes of Nineteenth-Century America: gunboat diplomacy and the changing stereotypes of the Canton tradeJohnson, KA200963
Self-awareness of cultural stereotyping: a case study of Advanced Learners of JapaneseMito, A2009126
Selling Japan in Hong Kong: William Mong and the National BrandRefsing, K; Nakano, Y; Wong, HW2003133
Selling modernity of hygiene and beauty: Japanese medicine and cosmetics advertisements in Modern ChinaWu, Y201179
Selling Modernity of Hygiene and Beauty: Japanese Medicine and Cosmetics Advertisements in Modern ChinaWu, Y201075
Selling Modernity: Housewives Portrayed in Yuefenpai (Calendar Posters) and Magazine Advertisements in Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930sWu, Y2010102
Sex as a ritual: Transforming women's sexual being from 'human-like' to 'animal-like' in TaiwanWong, HW; Yau, HY2011521
The Shanghai Modern Woman’s American Dreams: Imagining America’s Depravity to produce China’s moderate modernityEdwards, LP201231
Shared Memories: Japanese Pop Culture in ChinaNakano, Y2007220
Sino-Japanese Relations 1991-2008: Conflicting Interests or Clashing Identities”Teo, VEL200869
Sisyphus's fate: Vaclav Havel's legacy | Das Schicksal des Sisyphos: Václav Havels VermächtnisAuer, S201262
Slovakia: From marginalization of ethnic minorities to political participation (and back?)Auer, S200915
Softening the Sharp Edges of ‘Japan’: Young Chinese who Grew up with Tojo, Doraemon, and Tokyo Love Story on TVNakano, Y200597
Softening the Sharp Edges of “Japan”: Growing up with Tojo, Doraemon, and Tokyo Love Story in ChinaNakano, Y200678
Some aspects of lexical variation in the Cantonese spoken in HongKongLau, Seck-may; 劉式湄.1981143
Some aspects of phonological variations in the Cantonese spoken in Hong KongYeung, Suk-wah, Helen.; 楊淑華.1981192
Some aspects of relative clauses in ChineseLi, Yun-biu.; 李潤彪.1984229
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