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Quality of life of the institutionalized elderly: a case study of three Japanese institutions for theelderlyWu, Yongmei; 吳咏梅2000695
A question of character: the romance of early Sino-American commerce in the journals of Major Samuel Shaw, the first American Consul in Canton (1847)Johnson, KA2012134
Racialization and Colonial Space: Intermarriage in Yi Hyo-sŏk's WorksKim, SY201330
Radio BroadcastingNakano, Y2002103
Reading the Tale of GenjiMurakami, F200977
The 'real core': the taste of Taiwanese men for Japanese adult videosWong, HW; Yau, HY2012283
Reality inhabited by a poet, Nishiwaki JunzaburoMiyauchi, Kazuko; 宮內和子2002259
Reassessing China and Japan’s role in the Cold War Conflicts: The Case of Korean and VietnamWar”Teo, VEL200873
Rebellion as aestheticism: the dandyism of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar WildeGuan, Beibei.; 关贝贝.2010491
A Recipe for Diversity: Cooking Different Varieties of Rice in Asia.Nakano, Y200674
A Recipe for Diversity: The Role of Chinese Intermediaries in Globalizing Japanese Rice CookersNakano, Y200583
Reconceptualising the divide: identity, memory, and nationalism in Sino-Japanese relationsGong, G; Teo, VEL201069
Reconstructing the Lost World of Trade and Finance before the Imposition of the Western Order of BusinessWong, JDO201326
Records of Japanese Visitors to Hong Kong from 1900 to 1940Chan, CY; 陳湛頤2005195
Red land, red power: grounding knowledge in the American Indian novel; Seeing red: anger, sentimentality, and American Indians (Book Reviews)Johnson, KA201072
The redemptive religions of Judaism and Christianity as socialising and globalising powersCristaudo, WA201081
Reflecting "Geographies of Injustice": heterotopias and class differences in Latin American cinemaVazquez Vazquez, MM201070
Reframing Islam in Television: Alexander Kluge's Interviews on Islam and Terrorism since 9/11Gruenewald, T201219
Religion, redemption and revolution: the new speech thinking of Franz Rosenzweig and Eugen Rosenstock-HuessyCristaudo, WA201241
Religions And Management: A Case Study Of Yaohan In Hong KongWong, HW2011101
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