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DaieiWong, HW2002100
Daily Conversations in Japanese. Book TwoChan, CY1995102
Damage: a logic of evilCristaudo, WA200596
The Dangers of Power. Historical Analogies between Imperial Germany and Contemporary China?Vogt, CR201173
The Dark Face of Nationalism: Violence, Extremism and the Nation: An IntroductionTeo, VEL2007100
"Dark spot" in the picturesque: The aesthetics of polygenism and Henry James's "a landscape-painter"Johnson, K200252
De-Orientalizing Rice? The Role of Chinese Intermediaries in Globalising Japanese Rice Cookers”Nakano, Y200781
The Deepened Japanese Studies In China And Its Link With The WorldLin, C; Wong, HW; Hu, LY201235
Delayed marriage in contemporary Japan: a qualitative studyTokuhiro, Yoko.2004314
Democratic crisis threatens EuropeAuer, S201018
Demonstratives in literary translations: a contrastive study of English and JapaneseChiu, Ching-li, Lily.; 趙靜莉.1999632
Demystifying integration regimes in cities: acomparative analysis of Berlin and Hong KongChau, Ling-fung, Karin.; 周凌楓.2012242
Design of a task-based reading ability test in English as a foreign languageChanduloy, George Felix.; 陳炳江.1986692
Determining Chinese words: the case of PinyinWong Ng, Hang-lin, Colleen.; 黃吳杏蓮.1980189
Developing an error analysis and error correction strategy for form 6 English composition classes in Hong KongKwok, Hong-lok.; 郭康樂.1987456
Developing Creative Resources, But What is Creativity?Wong, HW; Yau, HY201151
Development Of Anthropology As A Discipline In Hong KongWong, HW201159
Development Of Applied Anthropology In Hong KongWong, HW201162
Development of e-learning for Introductory Level Students at HKU SPACEMito, A; Lee, H; Yonemoto, K2009158
Development of Ethnic Studies in Hong KongWong, HW201158
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