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Ants In : Curriculum Development InstituteLam, ASL2006117
ApologyLam, ASL200089
ApologyLam, ASL200376
Applied linguistics in ChinaBolton, K; Lam, ASL2006116
April moonLam, ASL2008117
Asian cosmopolianism: Crossing boundaries between literary communitiesLam, ASL2006116
Asian poetry in English: A transcultural approachLam, ASL2006114
Authorship as understood by postgraduate students in a university in Hong Kong: An exploratory studyLoong, YCW2008122
Bamboo and bauhineaLam, ASL200687
Bilingual or multilingual education in China: Policy and learner experienceLam, ASL2007117
Bilingual, bidialectal and biscriptural processingLam, ASL1998122
BilingualismLam, ASL2000104
Biscriptal reading in ChineseLam, ASL2003111
Biscriptural Reading In ChineseLam, ASL1997104
Bolton, K. (2003). Chinese englishes: a sociolinguistic history: Book reviewBenson, P2005470
Capturing Hong KongLam, ASL200293
Chinese language education in China: Policy and experienceLam, ASL200283
The Chinese script and psycholinguistic researchLam, ASL199978
The Chinese script and psycholinguistic researchLam, ASL200093
City Voices: Hong Kong Writing in English, 1945 to the PresentLam, ASL200380
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