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MothsLam, ASL200869
Rendezvous with glow wormsLam, ASL200869
Spring in Hong KongLam, ASL200867
My cityLam, ASL200868
Once upon the Lamma HillsLam, ASL200869
I grew mushroomsLam, ASL2008102
April moonLam, ASL2008117
The cosmopolitan learner and falling in loveLam, ASL200873
Language education policy in Greater ChinaLam, ASL200894
Three photos on your travelsLam, ASL200861
For Leslie CheungLam, ASL2007107
Poems and paintings by Joseph Lee: The next ten years back to natureLam, ASL200761
Reflection by Agnes S. L. LamLam, ASL200776
MothsLam, ASL200766
Bilingual or multilingual education in China: Policy and learner experienceLam, ASL2007116
My cityLam, ASL200767
The development of poetic identities: Chinese voices in English from Hong KongLam, ASL; Malby, ME200775
My cityLam, ASL200770
The multi-agent model of language choice: National planning and individual volition in ChinaLam, ASL2007202
Ants In : Curriculum Development InstituteLam, ASL2006116
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