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Race and gender in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker andToni MorrisonHui, Fung-mei, Sandra.; 許鳳薇.2004921
Racial, gender and ear factors in neonatal transient evoked otoacoustic emission screeningChiu, Hoi-kan, April.; 趙凱勤.2004449
Radiation dose and cancer risk of cardiac CT scan and PET-CT scanHuang, Bingsheng; 黃炳升2009521
Radiation dose due to indoor radon and its progeny in Hong Kong and a study of mitigation methods to control indoor radon exposureHo, Chi-wai; 何志偉1998454
Radiation exposure due to radon and gamma rays in Hong KongLi, Chung-chuen.; 李仲泉1991373
Radiation hazard of multidetector computer tomography: a public health issuePoon, Wai-lun.; 潘偉麟.2010296
Radiation hazards of building materialsNg, Chor-yi.; 吳楚儀1991399
Radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma: identifying prognostic factors in long-term survivaloutcomeTzang, Fei-chuen.; 張飛泉2008281
Radiographic localization of supernumerary teeth in the maxillaMallineni, Sreekanth Kumar.2011355
Radiological anatomy of the Chinese orbitWai, Man-wah, Andrew.; 韋文華2008249
Radon and its daughters in the Hong Kong environmentHill, Janet Mary.1986365
Radon potential mapping in Hong KongTung, Sui.; 董帥.2010452
Rail freight transport in transition in Hong Kong: perspectives of a transport operatorCho, Wai-kuen, Tania.; 曹慧娟.1994285
Rail-based cross-border passenger traffic between Hong Kong and the MainlandKung, Wai-hung, Nebon.; 龔偉雄.2004746
Rail-transit-oriented development in Hong Kong: the case study of the Mass Transit RailwayLo, Wai-man, Raymond.; 羅偉文20021,365
Railway and land use interaction in Hong Kong: a geographical perspectiveLam, Chui-shan.; 林翠珊.2000424
Railway and sustainable development: socio-economic and land use impacts of west rail on Yuen Long townHo, Man-sze.; 何文思2009393
Railway and sustainable transport developmentLiu, Ching-man; 廖靜文2005828
Railway development in Hong Kong: towards better integration with land use planningLee, Yik-on; 李易安2002401
Railway terminal as an urban landmark, AdmiraltyHo, Kin-wai, Stephen.; 何建威.1994424
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