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¹H and ³¹P brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy in agingChiu, Pui-wai.; 趙沛慧.2011210
Ha Jin and the location of representationWong, Sin-i, Elaine.; 黃心儀2005403
Habilitation of the mentally retarded young persons in a sheltered workshopYeung, Oi-wah, Mary; 楊藹華1978352
Habitat loss and fragmentation under urbanization: the spatio-temporal dynamics of causes, processes andconsequences at landscape levelXie, Yujing.; 谢玉静.201376
Habitat use by Hong Kong amphibians: with special reference to the ecology and conservation of PhilautusromeriLau, Wai-neng, Miguel.; 劉惠寧.1998427
Habitat use of Indo-pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Hong KongHung, Ka-yiu, Samuel.; 洪家耀.2008592
Haematological and molecular studies of Thalassaemias in Hong Kong ChineseChan, Yuk-yin.; 陳玉燕.1998398
Haemodynamics in dialysis hypotension and the possible role of splanchnic circulationYu, Wai-yin, Alex.; 余惠賢.2006436
Hai-ling wang (1122-1161) and the politics of the Jin dynasty (1115-1234)Tsang, Chun-yu.; 曾震宇.2007598
Hairy and enhancer of split 1 (Hes1) and Krüppel-like factor 4 (K1f4) in enteric neural crest cellSit, Yu-lam, Francesco.; 薛裕霖2007368
Hakka Wai: understanding Hong Kong's traditional Hakka architecture and its relationship to the HakkapeoplePoon, Pui-ting.; 潘佩婷2007666
"Half of life": male voices in the novels of Carol ShieldsHo, Julie Elaine.2000432
Hall living of HKU studentsSit, Chi-wai.; 薛志威.1998459
Halogen mobility in unsaturated aliphatic SN2 reactionsYing, Oi-ling.; 應愛玲1966260
Haloperidol metabolism in man and animalsWong, Belinda.; 王漪雯1993393
Hand surface landmarks for release of trigger finger and carpaltunnel: an anatomic studyLai, Chi-ming; 賴志明2005246
Hand-printed Chinese character recognition and image preprocessingChee, Ping-chong.; 遲秉壯1996636
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by first and second order Hidden Markov Models and radical modelingWong, Ho-ting.; 黃浩霆.2003675
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by hidden Markov models andradical partitionWong, Chi-hung; 黃志雄1998374
Handwashing practice in Hong Kong during SARS (2003) and bird flu (2004)Ng, Yee-ting, Omi.; 吳綺婷.2008207
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