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Family communication, coping and psychological health of cancer patients in Hong KongLiu, Chak-chun, Jeffrey1998362
Family dinner and youth risk behaviorsWong, Nga-wing, Maria.; 王雅穎.2012216
Family dynamics and educational outcomesLam, Oi-yeung.; 林藹陽.2005465
Family effects on educational achievement of immigrant pupils: a case study in a primary schoolLeung, Yuk-ling.; 梁玉玲.1998169
Family environment and academic achievement in Nanjing secondary schoolsJiang, Yimin; 蔣逸民2003398
Family factors affecting immigrant student language achievement: a case studyTang, Choi-ping.; 鄧彩萍.1998214
Family factors and student achievement: case studies in 3 Hong Kong secondary schoolsTang, Sai-cheong.; 鄧世昌.1998215
Family functioning after divorce-separationWan, Yau-fun, Ginny.; 溫有歡1993209
Family history and household economic strategies: a study of post-war Hong KongWong, Yi-lee.; 黃綺妮.1995228
Family influences on the premarital sexual standard of adolescentsTang, Long-sang, Grace.; 鄧朗珊.1991311
Family involvment and residential care: decision making about adolescents with behavioural problemsNg, Lily.; 伍莉莉.1994192
Family members' perspective of terminally ill patient for do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orderChan, Wai-ling, Churonley; 陳慧玲2006266
Family support and postnatal emotional adjustmentLeung, Yeuk-sin, Eugenie1983397
Family support for the rural elderly in China in the midst of economicreformsXu, Yuebin.; 徐月賓1997210
Family, violence and Toni MorrisonLee, Sau-yu, Phean.; 李秀瑜.2004834
Fang Bao, 1668-1749Chu, Chung-hok.; 朱崇學1986262
Farce on the borderline with special reference to plays by OscarWilde, Joe Orton and Tom StoppardTurner, Irene.1987237
Farewell to political obligation : toward a new liberal theory of political legitimacyZhu, Jiafeng; 朱佳峰20132
Farmland conservation in Hong Kong's rural hinterland: conflicts and potentialsTang, Sze-man.; 鄧思敏.2002520
Farnesoic acid 0-methyltransferase (FAMET) is an essential molt regulator in the shrimp, Litopenaeus vannameiHui, Ho-lam, Jerome.; 許浩霖.2005227
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