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Basic documentation of Ping Yao dwelling courtyardsYe, Simao.; 叶思茂.2009189
Bat as the animal origin of SARS-CoV and reservoir of diverse coronavirusesLi, Sze-ming, Kenneth.; 李思銘.2009363
Battered wives in Hong Kong: their needs and the resources available in response to their plightTay, Sybil W. M.; 鄭慧敏.1985299
Battling for the environment on Peng ChauLam, Kit-yin, Canace.; 林潔賢2001344
Bayes and empirical Bayes estimation for the panel threshold autoregressive model and non-Gaussian time seriesLiu, Ka-yee.; 廖家怡.2005637
Bayesian analysis in Markov regime-switching modelsKoh, You Beng.; 辜有明.2012269
Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in generalized linear modelsTang, Pui-kuen.; 鄧沛權1992325
Bayesian analysis of wandering vector models for ranking dataChan, Kit-yin.; 陳潔妍1998307
Bayesian approach to road safety analysesPei, Xin; 裴欣2011294
Bayesian carrier frequency offset estimation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systemsCai, Kun; 蔡琨2009268
Ba¨cklund transformations, the Painleve̓ property and some of their applicationsWong, Wing-tak; 黃永德1987309
Beach erosion and recovery on the beaches of southeast Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR, ChinaYeung, Hoi-yan, Esther.; 楊凱恩2009379
Beach profile and sediment changes in Tai Long Wan, Hong KongTo, Ka-yan.; 杜嘉恩.1977308
Beautified violence: music and slow motion inThe banquet (2006)Wang, Shuang; 王爽2011234
Beauty myth in Hong KongLai, Hoi-yan; 黎藹欣20001,357
Becoming a friend: reading Thus spake ZarathustraTsui, Cheong-ming.; 徐昌明2000276
Becoming multilingual: a study of South Asianstudents in a Hong Kong secondary schoolLee, Mei-sheung.; 李美嫦.2006452
Becoming pathological casino gamblers in Hong Kong: do big winning experiences matter?Lam, Hing-po, Sally.; 林慶寶.2004381
Beethoven in China: the reception of Beethoven's music and its political implications, 1949-1959Tsang, Yik-man, Edmond.; 曾奕文.2003500
Before its vanishesNg, Cho-kiu; 吳楚翹20121
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