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A better museum experience: re-interpreting and re-presenting the house and culture of the Sheung Yiu FolkMuseumHung, Siu-hong, Helen.; 熊少康2007977
A bibliographical study of collected works by individual authors of the T'ang DynastyChan, Ping-leung; 陳炳良1962947
A bio-feedback rehabilitation system for neuromuscular recovery on elbow joint movementZheng, Tao; 郑涛2011497
A bio-inspired object tracking algorithm for minimising power consumptionLai, Wai-chung.; 賴偉聰.2009650
A biochemical and proteomic view of nickel homeostasis and bismuth treatment: identification of bismuth-targetedproteins in Helicobacter pylori and characterization of a nickel-storage protein hpnGe, Ruiguang.; 葛瑞光.2006583
A biochemical study of mammalian x chromosome inactivationLam, Tak-sum.; 林德深1987471
A biochemical study of thyrotoxic periodic paralysisAu, Kwok-shing.; 歐國城1976403
A bioclimatic community: water and landWong, Tsz-wan, Kravitz.; 黃紫云.1998424
A biodiversity conservation policy and legal framework for Hong KongFelley, Mary Louise.1996437
A biogeographical survey of wall vegetation in urban Hong KongChan, Oi-ping.; 陳愛萍.1992379
A biomechanical study of common mallet finger fracture fixation techniquesWong, Hin-keung.; 王顯強2008346
A boarding school for autistic childrenLee, Tsz-ho, Elvis.; 李子豪.2000509
A boarding school: mentally retarded childrenLeung, Hoi-san.; 梁海珊.1994664
A body-mind-spirit approach to depression and anxiety: application of mindfulness and compassion training forHong Kong ChineseLo, Hay-ming.; 盧希皿.2011766
A brief discussion of the problems confronting Hong Kong primary school students in learning Putonghua and the remedialmeasuresHo, Kit-ching; 何潔貞2008558
A brief review of the pharmacology of coriolus vesicolor (Yun Zhi) andthe determination of heavy metal contents in Yun Zhi products in HongKongLeung, Pak-yip.; 梁柏業.2000210
A business opportunity in Hong Kong: domestichelp servicesCheng, Yin-lee, Francie.; 鄭燕莉.1992379
A business plan for setting up a necktie specialty shop in Hong KongChan, Shui-yu, Marion.; 陳萃如.1992478
A business strategic plan for a public utility showcaseLeung, Woon-ho, Connie.; 梁煥好.1989327
A CAD/CAM system for sheet metal blanking diesWong, Kai-wing.; 黃啓榮1991581
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