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Hybrid bootstrap procedures for shrinkage-type estimatorsChan, Tsz-hin.; 陳子軒.2012137
Hybrid cities: cinematic representations of space, culture and history in Hong Kong and Santiago de ChileVillaescusa Illán, Irene.2012245
Hybrid flowshop scheduling with job interdependences using evolutionary computing approachesLuo, Hao; 罗浩2012214
Hybrid interface for hybrid simulation of computer on-line control systemsChow, Yiu-tong.; 周耀棠1980396
Hybrid molecules of human interferon and human immunoglobulins: synthesis, purification andcharacterization.Fung, Kwok-pui; 馮國培1978216
Hybridity as a new genre of literature : the works of Kazuo IshiguroDobashi, Kyoko; 土橋今日子201356
Hydraulic properties of the aquifer-aquitard system and their impacts on regional groundwater flow in the Pearl River Delta, ChinaYang, Lichao; 杨利超201318
Hydraulic transport of single spheres in a horizontal pipeMa, Tsoi-hei.; 馬載熙1966309
Hydraulics of a three-dimensional supercritical flow diversion structureChai, Hua.; 柴華2002309
Hydraulics of bottom rack chamber for supercritical flow diversionWong, Ka-chung, Colin.; 黃家聰.2009291
Hydraulics of duckbill valve jet diffusersKarandikar, Jaydeep Sharad.1997417
Hydrodynamic behaviour of biological aggregates: settling and coagulation with small particlesYuan, Yuan; 袁媛2000304
Hydrodynamic interaction between a fixed and a moving cylinderKazi, Hassan Imam.1995516
Hydrodynamic interaction between two bodies with rotationSun, Ren.; 孫仁1999271
Hydrodynamic property and breakage behavior of particle aggregates in water: theoretical modeling, CFD simulationand PIV investigationXiao, Feng; 萧峰2009230
Hydrogen peroxide treatment induced rectifying behavior of Au/n-ZnO contactGu, Qilin.; 顧啟琳2008363
Hydrographic office & chart Information centreReader, James Weatherston.1995309
Hydrological applications of MLP neural networks with back-propagationFernando, Thudugala Mudalige K.G.2002371
Hydrological balance of landfill in Hong KongChan, Siu-hung; 陳肇雄2004290
Hydroxyapatite whiskers: preparation and useas resin-reinforcing fillerZhang, Hongquan; 張宏泉2008364
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