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Factors affecting long-term care use in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Medical Journal
Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Lou, VWQ; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS; Kwan, CW2011338
Factors affecting long-term care utilization in Hong Kong: policy implications
Health Research Symposium 2010: Improving Health and Recognising Excellence
Lou, VW; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS2010128
Factors associated with the abuse of older Chinese with dementia by their family caregivers: results of a 6-month longitudinal study
Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, ACAH 2010
Yan, E2010126
Factors associated with the quality of life of residents in a nursing home
8th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities and Asian Ageing Development Conference 2011
Lai, CKY; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY; Lee, RLP; Chan, KS2011143
Factors related to suicidal ideation among adolescents in Hong Kong
Illness Crisis and Loss
Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.. The Journal's web site is located at
Ng, SM; Ran, MS; Chan, C2010247
Family caregiving and impact on caregiver mental health: a study in Shanghai
Aging in China: Implications to social policy of a changing economic state
Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
Lou, VWQ; Gui, SX2012112
The family caregiving burden: the role of gender and care receiver/care provider relations
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, GSA 2009
Lou, VWQ2009203
Filial piety and end of life caregiving: Lived experience of Chinese family facing terminal illness.
Gerontology Society of America’s 67th Annual Scientific Meeting
Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW; Chow, AYM; Lum, TYS20146
Filial Piety and End-of-Life Caregiving: Lived Experience of Hong Kong Chinese Families Facing Terminal Cancer
International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society
Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW; Chow, AYM201410
From obligation to compassion: the transformation of Filial Piety in Chinese Family Caregiving at the End-of-Life
20th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress, HKICC 2013
Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW; Chow, AYM20137
Frontiers in nursing research in smoking cessation in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Primary Care Conference
HK College of Family Physicians and School of Nursing, HKU.
Chan, SSC2011127
Global perspectives in smoking cessation: Role of the health professions
Sharing Forum on Smoking Cessation and Counseling Service of the Hospital Authority Hong Kong
Chan, SSC201188
Grandparenting roles and functions
Experiencing grandparenthood : an Asian perspectives
Lou, VW; Chi, I2012133
A Grief Therapy Model For Bereaved Individuals After Major Disasters
International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society and Association for Death Education and Counseling
Ho, MY; Chow, AYM2011124
Health literacy issues in diabetic care: how much do we care?
Frontiers in Biomedical Research, HKU 2009
Leung, AYM200988
Health promotion in older chinese: A 12-month cluster randomized controlled trial of pedometry and peer support
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Neil Thomas, G; MacFarlane, DJ; Guo, B; Cheung, BMY; McGhee, SM; Chou, KL; Deeks, JJ; Lam, TH; Tomlinson, B2012312
Help-seeking and Early Assessment of Neurocognitive Disorders in the Community
International Alzheimer’s Disease Conference
Wong, GHY; Ng, KM; Lum, TYS; Lai, KYC; Dai, DLK201419
Higher education in gerontology
Hong Kong : Sau Po Centre on Ageing, the University of Hong Kong
Chow, Wing-sun, Nelson; Ma, Man-kwong, Ambrose; Chan, Siu-chee, Sophia; Chu, Leung-wing; Chappell, Neena L2003492
Humanitarian welfare values in a changing social environment: A survey of social work undergraduate students in Beijing and Shanghai
Journal of Social Work
Sage Publications Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Lou, VWQ; Pearson, V; Wong, YC2012266
"I wish to be self-reliant": Aspiration for self-reliance, need and life satisfaction, and exit dilemma of welfare recipients in Hong Kong
Social Indicators Research
Springer Netherlands. The Journal's web site is located at
Wong, CK; Lou, VWQ2010333
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