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Depressive symptoms in frail older adults receiving community-based long-term care: prevalence, associated factors, and interventionLou, VWQ; Lo, SSC; Chan, KN; Cheung, PPY2010144
Depressive symptoms of older adults in Hong Kong: the role of grandparent rewardLou, VW201097
The development and initial validation of the Chinese Significant Wish Fulfillment ScaleChow, AY; Chow, M; Wan, CK; Wong, KK; Cheung, RW2011129
Development and validation of Chinese Health Literacy Scale for DiabetesLeung, AYM; Lou, VWQ; Cheung, MKT; Chan, SSC; Chi, I2013126
Different perceptions of grandparents' roles and functions across the three generations in Hong KongNg, JW; Chan, KN; Lou, VW2010101
DPM intervention with widowed Chinese older adultsChow, AYM201196
Early intervention and evaluation for adult-onset psychosis: The JCEP study rationale and designHui, CL; Chang, WC; Chan, SK; Lee, EH; Tam, WW; Lai, DC; Wong, GH; Tang, JY; Li, FW; Leung, KF; Mcghee, SM; Sham, PC; Chen, EY201363
The effect of a Satir-based psychosocial group in enhancing self esteem and interpersonal relationship of persons with chronic illness in Hong Kong: a randomized control trialHung, ATF; Leung, PPY; Yau, PK; Sin, YWC; Mak, MMS; Chau, PWP; Lui, JYM2010145
The effectiveness of the Spiritual Enhancement Group for Chinese elders: evidence from a quasi-experimentLou, VWQ; Chan, CLY; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM; Dai, A; Leung, DYP201229
Effects of social exclusion on depressive symptoms: Elderly Chinese living alone in Shanghai, ChinaTong, HM; Lai, DWL; Zeng, Q; Xu, WY201185
Elderly poverty and old age pension reforms in Hong Kong: issues and prospectsChui, EWT; Ko, LSF2010186
Emotional Competence of Staff working for the bereaved and dyingChow, AYM201095
An evaluation of the factor structure of the instrumental activities of daily living involvement and capacity scales of the minimum data set for home care for elderly Chinese community dwellers in Hong KongLeung, DYP; Leung, AYM; Chi, I2011158
Evidence-based psychosocial service for people with chronic illness & their families: outcomes on mental health & wellnessKwok, AYY; Chau, PWP; Leung, PPY; Wong, DFK2010177
An exploratory study on the grandparent-grandchildren rela-tionship in Chinese families in Hong KongKo, L; Chui, E2010137
Factors affecting long-term care use in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS; Kwan, CW2011256
Factors affecting long-term care utilization in Hong Kong – Policy implicationsLou, VW; Chui, EWT; Leung, AYM; Tang, KL; Chi, I; Leung Wong, EKS201090
Factors associated with the abuse of older Chinese with dementia by their family caregivers: results of a 6-month longitudinal studyYan, E201098
Factors associated with the quality of life of residents in a nursing homeLai, CKY; Leung, DDM; Kwong, EWY; Lee, RLP; Chan, KS201191
Factors related to suicidal ideation among adolescents in Hong KongNg, SM; Ran, MS; Chan, C2010210
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