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Qigong exercise could reduce upper limb lymphedema and improve blood flow in breast cancer survivors.Fong, SM; Ng, SSM; Luk, WS; Chung, JWY; Tsang, WWN201323
Raising activity levels as a health risk reduction intervention in Hong Kong childrenJohns, DP; Ha, ASC; Macfarlane, DJ2006226
Raising Activity Levels: A Multidimensional Analysis of Curriculum ChangeJohns, DP; Ha, ASC; Macfarlane, DJ200155
A randomised controlled trial for overweight and obese parents to prevent childhood obesity - Early STOPP (STockholm Obesity Prevention Program)Sobko, T; Svensson, V; Ek, A; Ekstedt, M; Karlsson, H; Johansson, E; Cao, Y; Hagströmer, M; Marcus, C201138
Recovery kinetics in Chinese children with simple repaired congenital heart diseaseHung, Newman.; 洪克賢2001230
Recreational destinations and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201332
Recreational Facilities and Leisure-Time Physical Activity: An Analysis of Moderators and Self-Efficacy as a MediatorCerin, E; Vandelanotte, C; Leslie, E; Merom, D200883
Reducing errors benefits the field-based learning of a fundamental movement skill in childrenCapio, CM; Poolton, JM; Sit, CHP; Holmstrom, M; Masters, RSW2013169
Reduction of errors during practice facilitates fundamental movement skill learning in children with intellectual disabilitiesCapio, CM; Poolton, JM; Sit, CHP; Eguia, KF; Masters, RSW2013152
Refining the continuous tracking paradigm to investigate implicit motor learningZhu, F; Poolton, JM; Maxwell, JP; Fan, KMJ; Leung, GKK; Masters, RSW201344
Regard and perceptions of size in soccer: Better is biggerMasters, RSW; Poolton, JM; Van Der Kamp, J201061
Regional variations in walking for different purposes: The South East Queensland quality of life studyLeslie, E; Mccrea, R; Cerin, E; Stimson, R2007104
Rehearsal and pedometer reactivity in childrenLing, FC; Masters, RS; McManus, AM2011109
Reinvestment and falls in community-dwelling older adultsWong, WL; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP; Abernethy, AB2008129
Reinvestment and movement disruption following strokeOrrell, AJ; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF200988
'Reinvestment': A dimension of personality implicated in skill breakdown under pressureMasters, RSW; Polman, RCJ; Hammond, NV1993113
The relationship among physical fitness, physical education, conduct and academic performance of Chinese primary school childrenLau, PCW; Yu, CW; Lee, AM; So, RCH; Sung, RYT2004259
The relationship between coping styles & self-esteem in elite rugby playersDent, P; Ntoumanis, N; Masters, RSW200286
The relationship between initial errorless learning conditions and subsequent performancePoolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2005122
Relationship between perception of barriers to doing exercises and the self-reported health of elderly persons in Hong Kong (Abstract)Cheng, YH; Chou, KL; Chi, I; Macfarlane, DJ2004214
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